People see the name "All Out Effort" and assume it means really intense training that breaks people down. Science has come a long way and now we understand that exercise is merely programming for the body. You do not want to be programmed to break down; a workout should instead build you up. That is what we plan to do, build you up from the ground up.

The "effort" is not in the workouts, as there is nothing special or tremendous about being able to work out hard, especially when you have a trainer hovering over you in a controlled environment. The real effort begins once you step out of our doors into the real world. You train with us, the effort is in how much of your training you can carry with you and apply it in your life.

Thinking of health only through the scope of exercise is too neat and narrow, when life is broad and messy. Specificity leaves you unprepared for real life challenges. (Read more: Physical Improvement Overview)

Thinking it's only about diet and exercise and none of the gray areas is why data shows that 99.5% of people will revert back to their old health or worse. We revert to our old behaviors because we think we can remain the same, solving problems with the same mindset that created them.

Mindset is the set of attitudes and beliefs one holds. Changing your mindset does not mean hiring someone to make you accountable because you believe you are inconsistent, lazy, or a procrastinator. That only reinforces your mindset. For mindset to change, you have to grow your consistency, grit, and resilience — as you would any other muscle.

The data shows, the only way people are able to make lasting changes is if they, themselves, change. It's not about remaining your old self with a new diet and a gym membership; that only works for a while.

It means committing to cultivating new habits and qualities. We must go where the evidence goes, and this is the only evidence-based way to change. Everything else is sadly fiction.

There is no one workout or one meal that will make you healthy and happy. There is no paying your dues and then be done. It's a daily practice you must keep up.

It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.
— Mark Twain

The "effort" comes in being able to main your healthy composure indefinitely, while still living your life. This is where effort belongs.

What Is Personal Training?

Personal training is a service where a personal trainer offers exercise prescription and instruction. They motivate clients by setting goals and providing feedback and accountability. Trainers may also measure their client's strengths and weaknesses with fitness assessments. When expectations are not in line, client and trainer quickly become adversaries. (There is always some amount of pressure, judgment, and possible failure with goals.)

Beyond Personal Training

We mix the best in sports science and nutrition, with the best in cognitive science, and Eastern philosophy. What this means is: we teach you how to move and be fit, how to make those habits stick, and how to balance your mind so you don't sabotage yourself. We take the uncertainty out of being healthy. Our goal isn't just to train you, it's to make you more educated and passionate about your own fitness.

We are a program to support the successful development of individuals who have a wide array of interests and goals. We offer guidance and support but we can't do it for you.

To say we focus on making you fit and strong wouldn't nearly be the full picture. We do more than that, we groom people to make better choices. But you're the x-factor. You're the multiplier effect. We are never your adversaries, only your collaborators. We will never tell you what to do, we only make suggestions based on the expectations you hold for yourself. You take our suggestions and run with it, or you don't. But we'll never judge you. If we end up working together, it's because we like you already, as is. If you want to improve, we'll willingly help, but you can never disappoint us.

Saying it's all on us is like saying, you don't matter. The only thing that matters is you.

Importance of Guidance

We mentor and guide your process but we won't rush or go at a pace that isn't sustainable, or make changes that aren't permanent. One of the killers of success is going at a rate faster than you can handle. Success should be reliable.

Fitness doesn't mean strength, it means efficiency. Human beings became the dominant animal because we are the most efficient — the most adaptable. It's about efficient thinking, efficient movements, efficient lifestyles, efficient eating, and efficient workouts — because our time here is limited.

We have to train this type of efficient and practical thinking. It's like a muscle you, you can build it up, or you can break it down. We're here to support the first and avoid the latter.

It's not about being told what needs to be done; it's about becoming the type of person that does what needs to be done. Otherwise, it becomes just another thing you know you ought be doing but don't. Science tells us behaviors change when we change. Your health is determined by your daily behavior.

Logic dictates: you do what you do. To change what you do, you must change.

It's Not About Us; It's All About You

You matter more than us, you bring more to the table than us. You are the x-factor and to make a good partnership, both parties must come in prepared. It's not about changes around the edges, attitudes must change. We are facilitators of change. The rest is always up to you. (That's also what the data shows, but you don't need data to tell you that.)

My Name Is Sam Yang

I Am a Fitness Coach, Martial Artist, Critical Thinker, and Street-Level Philosopher

I started the All Out Effort because I wanted to help people. Really help people. I have a diverse background and I wanted to leverage it all to help people maximize their lives — to show them that life is experiential, and that their bodies are meant to experience life.

It is a shame for an individual to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which their body is capable.
— Socrates

My Curriculum

Each category is typically taught separately, which is not only limiting, but inefficient. Some might question why these subjects should be taught together, as if they were conflicting. But I believe you can't teach one without the others. If properly applied, movement (fitness) is a contemplative practice that creates fully developed human beings. Being singular, unnatural, and rigid is why most training fail in the real world. (The statistics prove it.)

Life is full of challenges and the need is to be versatile and multidisciplined. My studio has no mirrors, no loud music, and no bragging, shaming, or judgment.

I run a school for extraordinary individuals. There's zero room for anything else.


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