What Our Clients Are Saying

At All Out Effort, you don’t just get some tips for exercises, you get full on life coaching. Both Sam and Michelle are extremely skilled trainers and more than that, incredibly likable people.

The program starts out with a thorough assessment of your weak spots as well as a talk about your personal goals. Workout sessions are tailored not only to your overall goals, but even to how you feel any given day. Through this process you learn to read your body in ways you never have been able to before.

They allow you to schedule classes fairy flexibly which is awesome for people with busy and irregular work schedules. Besides that, Sam is a passionate entrepreneur, podcast publisher and philosopher meaning you won’t just walk out of classes physically challenged, but mentally inspired as well.

I couldn’t imagine better personal trainers and can highly recommend Sam and Michelle to anyone wanting to take their heath and fitness to the next level.
— Simon K. | Startup Founder
I met Sam and Michelle about 4 years ago when I lived 20 minutes from their fitness center. After an embarrassing evaluation where Sam was able to take a look at my complicated health issues and an ankle that has undergone reconstructive surgery, Sam took me on as a client. I have gone to many trainers, trying different exercise methods and I was excited to find a place that I can call home.

Sam is a genius and probably one of the most intelligent person I know. Michelle is a challenging trainer/coach and her kindness, sincerity and genuineness is very rare in this city. There are many tangible things that I have learned and changed because of Sam and his suggestions. Four years ago, he challenged me to prepare more of my meals at home. As much as I had excuses for this, I started doing things slowly. He also had a list of books to read for health, philosophy, mindset...I challenged myself to make time to read them. I now make time to read more often. He also challenged me not to just follow blindly of what my doctors direct me to do. I now question my doctors and it feels liberating and empowering to have a voice and be educated...about my health. Just through that simple suggestion, it has led me to many doctors and practitioners that have changed my life.

Sadly, I moved out of the city and moved 28 miles away. I tried other trainers and no one measured up to Sam and Michelle...no one. After a 2 1/2 year break, I decided to come back and make the trek to see them in their new space. It takes me about a little over an hour to see them but it’s so worth it.

They honored my sessions that I had on file from 2 years ago (who does that?) They also welcomed me back with open arms (no judgment about my current health issues). It felt like no time had passed. I remember why I felt like their method/theories/workouts felt like home. Sam challenges me on a physical level and he also challenges me to think. His philosophies, his way of thinking, his thought processes are something that I appreciate because of his intelligence. He is a thought leader. Beyond that, he cares about his clients. I often leave thinking about the many things that he talked about. I feel motivated and inspired to be better in the areas that we have discussed, which are many. Lol.

I think I might just bring my husband one day. He needs to experience the greatness of this incredible duo. They are rare, unique and a gift to me...truly.
— Sharmila Y. | Pilates Instructor
Honestly, one of the best places I’ve ever been in terms of a workout. Sam is far from regular trainer. He has completely redefined my approach towards physical and mental health. After some health issues few years back was finding it very difficult to do any workout, but thanks to you guys (Sam and Michelle) I am fit and in great mental shape.
— Manjit S. | Software Engineer
Sam and Michelle not only change your body but change your mind. They get you strong in your weak areas. They open you up to new experiences different thoughts regarding the body. After knowing Sam for over 2 years my life has completely changed and my mental clarity is unbelievable. I have never been happier.
— Alex F.
I came to All Out Effort after searching high and low for a trainer that would satisfy my thirst for health/ fitness knowledge, strength/ mobility training, and could also be flexible with my hectic work schedule. Seemed like a shot in the dark at first, and I had no luck whatsoever, with every trainer I spoke to either charging insane amounts per session to mostly focusing on just strength training. At this point I gave Yelp a shot, and lo and behold I came across the #1 ranked trainer in the area, Sam Yang & All Out Effort.

The reviews were almost too good to be true, I was super hesitant, but finally emailed Sam and a few days later had our interview session scheduled. Just based off our first encounter, I was sold.

Sam not only has an extensive knowledge about all things health, wellness, nutrition, and fitness training, but he also is a passionate writer, entrepreneur, investor, anime nerd, the list goes on...he’s a treasure trove of experience, wisdom, and life advice. Not to mention he and his wife Michelle are super fun and have built a tight knit community around All Out Effort. From investment chat groups to board game nights to escape room events, there’s something unique and special about All Out Effort that I don’t think can be found anywhere else. It’s an anomaly built around kind, smart, mindful people looking to make positive changes in their lives.

The training varies every session, building upon mobility, flexibility, strength, and re-wiring your brain so your body moves to its fullest capacity. Both Sam and Michelle do an amazing job at training you at your own pace, while also being mindful to push you to your full capacity. I will say though, that any days you train with Michelle, she totally kicks your ass, so watch out ;) The results from just several months of training are day and night.

Joining All Out Effort was the best decision I’ve made in the last year hands down. I’ve learned so much beyond the realms of fitness during my time there, I’ve actually made more money this year due to my extensive talks with Sam regarding investments and cryptocurrency trading :) I’m sad to be moving to a different city and away from such an amazing element of my life and my new found friends/ colleagues, but know the moment I’m back in Los Angeles, the first thing I’ll be doing is signing back up with All Out Effort. Take it from someone who had extremely high requirements for finding the right affordable trainer, and was also super skeptical to use Yelp for trainer recommendations. Joining All Out Effort will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made physically, mentally, and financially. It’s changed my life and I’m beyond grateful for the time I spent training with Sam and Michelle and look forward to reuniting with them soon and reading all the amazing blog posts Sam posts each week.
— Kyle G. | Digital Artist
Sam and Michelle Yang are quite simply the best motivators, life coaches, trainers, and all around decent human beings. And that says a lot considering it’s Los Angeles. If you’re looking for a quick fix, don’t come here. If you’re materialistic and just want to look good, don’t come here.

This is a mind/body experience. It’s where you come when you realize that there’s more to life than work and looking good. This is where you come to learn about life—the meaning of life, philosophy, love, and the true meaning of friendship. This is where you come to find balance and peace and harmony while still getting your ass kicked into shape. This is where you stop second-guessing yourself, find your confidence, and build the better you from inside and outside. My husband and I train together with Sam and Michelle and they make us a stronger team and better couple. I am very grateful I searched “personal trainer” in Yelp and read the reviews for All Out Effort. I never would have thought about coming here, if the reviews didn’t intrigue me. So I tried the free consultation and knew from that meeting that I had to give it a shot. Best decision ever.
— Gita P. | Filmmaker
The worst part of recently moving from LA for the East Coast was leaving behind All Out Effort. The training was top quality and the style unique. Where else could you train while discussing movies, neuroscience, books, artificial intelligence, and practically anything else? And with the personal touch that made you feel like part of a family? I’m very grateful to Sam and Michelle for all their training over the years. Sorry Sam, I still owe you a shepherd’s pie!
— Alan Y. | Theoretical Physicist, Researcher in AI
All Out Effort is the #1 rated trainer in LA on Yelp, and it deserves the ranking. Sam’s program is unique, and provides a quality that you’d expect from a serious private trainer working with athletes, but accessible to everyone. If you are an intellectual / analytical type you will love it at AOE. No loud music blaring and instructors yelling to pump you up. NPR is on the radio and there are no mirrors. The best way I could describe the atmosphere at Sam’s gym is like an intellectual barber shop, with lively running discussion about every topic imaginable, from TV, books, culture, politics, and current events to relationships, philosophy, science, religion, and of course grammar (note the AOE-approved Oxford commas).

From a workout perspective, Sam and his wife Michelle both provide excellent instruction, pushing you to improve but always with an emphasis on proper form and injury avoidance. When I was lifting on my own previously, following the standard internet alpha bro / Starting Strength / progressive overload protocols, I was constantly tweaking muscles and cramping up, and undoubtedly cruising toward an eventual major injury. Within a couple months of starting training at AOE, all those issues cleared up and I’ve since been totally injury free. I’ve also greatly increased my mobility and flexibility and improved my posture. Along with traditional weightlifting and cardio, AOE works on building athletic traits like balance, coordination, and muscle conditioning. Sam is a martial artist, and he and Michelle do a great job of mixing it up and keeping workouts varied and interesting. One of the first things you’ll do at AOE is learn to crawl — which is much harder now than it was the first time you did it!

When I started at AOE a year ago, I thought my main goal was to Get Swole. But Sam’s teaching and his program opened my mind, and over time my priorities have changed. In my daily life, I actually get more enjoyment out of the improvements in posture and being light on my feet than any other gains I’ve made. I lost 10 pounds and cut my body fat in half within the first few months working with AOE. It’s been easy and natural to maintain since. I’m 6’1, and now 160 pounds and 10-11% body fat, after starting at 173 pounds and 20% body fat. Do the math and I’ve dropped 17 pounds of fat while adding muscle. (Like many other “skinny fat” guys, I had no idea how much excess, unhealthy weight I was carrying around.) Sam is extremely knowledgeable about health and nutrition, and he’s had a big impact on my food choices and eating habits. There is no diet related question you can stump him with. But his instruction is much broader than this. The AOE focus is really on building character and good habits to create a quality life, rather than the typical reductionist approach that tells you to eat “superfoods” and do the seven minute workout.

If you are considering whether to try out All Out Effort...do it. You won’t regret it and it will probably improve your life in many ways. I also recommend checking out Sam’s writing at musttriumph.com (desktop version). You’ll get a better sense of his philosophy (and a lot of good advice).
— Ben R. | Music Executive
Sam is truly the best trainer I’ve seen, heard of, or worked with. I’ve worked with several trainers over the years, and he really operates at a higher level and takes a highly intellectual approach to his trade. He has a distinctive philosophy that he applies to people’s various levels of fitness. No gimmicks. No trends. No “workout du jour.” His method is based on facts and education and have proven themselves many times over.

I have found Sam profoundly motivational. That said, he is not “rah rah,” typical, or cliche in any way. My experience has been that he reasons with me to identify the right buttons to push to help me motivate myself; a much more sustainable strategy for long-term health.

As for results, he has thoroughly helped me transform my body, both from an optical standpoint (I look better), but perhaps more importantly, from a health standpoint. I am far stronger. I am far leaner. I am less sickly. In short, I am less feeble. Don’t get me wrong, I can improve lots from here (and Sam isn’t hesitant to remind me of that.) I could see results almost immediately, and have continued to make progress in the subsequent 15 months of working with Sam. I have referred my wife and friends to Sam, and they have all witnessed similar results.

I am a professional. I work far too many hours and have far too many commitments. On top of that I have a heavy “wine and dine” culture associated with my trade. Not exactly a healthy lifestyle... As a result, I need a high “yield” on my dollar and hour from my trainer. With that in mind, Sam is absolutely your guy.

If I could give 6 stars I would, but alas, I’m limited to 5. If you’re in the market for a trainer, you’d be foolish to pass on at least giving Sam a shot. Just don’t take my time slots!
— Lawrence P. | CEO
I’m really competitive and hard on myself. And the best kind of training session now as I’m dealing with a lot of injuries and a stressful job is to help me take it down a notch but also get the most out of me. To focus on where I need to stretch, where I need to activate, where I need to get loosened up, instead of just trying to power through. And this was perfect for all of that.
— Lisa M. | CEO & Founder Pokitdok
If I could give Sam and Michelle 10 stars I would. After one year there, the physical training has left me in the best shape of my life. But the psychology behind AOE is just as important — rethinking diet, for example, or understanding the subtle effects of bad posture on the body (think: jenga). It’s as stimulating mentally to be there as it is physically. And it’s just damn fun. But make no mistake: You will train HARD.

Maybe the best way to describe the AOE experience is that you’ll never know how much you needed Sam and Michelle until after you’ve learned under them for a few months. Then you’ll just wish you had called years ago.
— Tom P. | Journalist
First I was afraid
I was petrified
Kept thinking I could never live without him by my side
But I spent so many nights thinking how he did me wrong
I grew strong
I learned how to carry on... much with the help of Sam Yang.

Before Sam Yang, I was going out and drinking myself to oblivion every night. Then I cried myself to sleep. Yes, what a wuss I was. I also felt like a tub of lard. After many many years of wining, dining, and partying, I was on the brink of not fitting in my precious size 24 jeans. Oh who was I kidding, I had no business in those size 24 jeans anymore. But one thing that I learned from my Taiwanese mother is to never size up (unless preggers). Ever. That’s like accepting that you’re fat. Unless it involves diamonds, houses, careers, or dicks. But I digress.

Then I met Sam Yang

Through personal training with Sam, I was able to start the healing process of my broken heart, broken soul, and broken body. Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. And happy people just don’t go around being emo all day long. Now whenever I feel down, I go out and run a few miles instead of hit the bottle. And did I mention I saved a lot of money by not going out everyday anymore? Yes. That should appeal to you mercantile types.

So how is Sam wonderful? Let me tell you. I can go on forever but most importantly, he actually cares about his clients. He caters each workout to my needs/goals and he will check on my progress throughout the week by instant messages, text messages, and even phone calls. If I fall off track, he WILL get on my case. Yes, tough love is the best love when it comes to personal training. Where are you going to get such personalized service like that? Sam Y is seriously a diamond in the rough. And I found him on Yelp - a foodie site. Isn’t it ironic.

So what results have I seen in the 2 months of weekly personal training? Actually a lot! I was able to run my first 1/2 marathon finishing 2nd in the Torrance/PV Nike running group after 2 months of training (and not hitting the pavement in 3 years) and all my clothes fit well again. Whew! But how can I be content with mediocrity now? There is still a long ways to go and Sam will help me get there.

So yes, my standard of living has improved tremendously due to Sam. I’m now happier, sexier, and tougher.

Thank you, Sam, for bringing me back to life.
— Liz L.
I have been wanting to write a review for Sam at All Out Effort for some time now.

Why Sam?

In my mind, it is simple — Sam loves.

What? Yes, Sam loves. He absolutely loves what he does — and it shows. Sam is not your typical trainer — far from it. Read some of the other reviews so you know what you are getting yourself into.

He may schedule your first appointment at 6am the day after the 4th of July, and he may ask you during your first meeting why it is you really want to be there.

I feel like Sam genuinely wants to help those who have a strong will to help themselves. Looking for an “encouragement buddy” to keep you motivated to hit the gym 3 times a week? Look elsewhere.

Looking for a “coach” who tells you to load up on wheat-based carbs and stick to egg white omelettes in the mornings? Look elsewhere.

Do you want someone who is so passionate, so committed — that it awakens a part of your physiological soul that you never knew existed before? Someone who encourages you to question all of the “experts,” and truly listen to your body when it comes to health and nutrition?

Then Sam may be a good fit for you. There’s only one way to find out, and that’s by scheduling a personal consultation with him.

You may find it helpful to wipe yourself clean of any preconceptions you have about health and fitness, and show up as best you can as a blank slate. Come with an open mind, and get ready for one heck of a journey.

Thank you Sam for allowing me to completely redefine how I approach health and fitness — I don’t know if you recognize how much of an impact you’ve had on me over these last few years. I’m grateful that you bring your unique passion to the world, each and every day, in the way you do. It’s a gift.
— Andrew B. | Analyst
Maybe, like me, you’re very analytically driven. You learned how to read at an early age. You became good at researching. When prompted to tackle a problem, your instinct is to go and educate yourself on the subject before trying anything. You are the minority that actually reads the instruction manual.

You went to a top college but lost the ability to do physical things you could perform as a child. Maybe, like it happened to me, this lifestyle has caught up with your body at some point in your late twenties. So you went to educate yourself on the subject, and now you know more than most on exercise and nutrition. The more you read on the subject, the more it becomes hard to start acting on it.

If you recognize yourself in this description, stop right now, and send Sam a brief email to schedule your consultation.

I did not obtain incredible numerical results on the scale or on my waist circumference (I did not have much weight to lose to begin with). My athletic *performance* did improve several folds. I had no idea what my baseline was or even how to measure it, but Sam did so for me. Culturally, Sam and Michelle’s studio was the place where I was most comfortable being myself in LA. You will find people like yourself, starting from Sam and Michelle.

Whatever text or article I had read, recent or arcane, Sam has read it. This has never been disproven. So here is a coach who will go toe to toe with you on the theory and the research, but unlike you has decades of daily practice of said research (oftentimes started before said research was codified, because of Sam’s specific heritage, exposure, and traditions). Training at AOE is liberating. In front of you is a person that has more theory, more sample size, and more practice than you. A teacher. You can completely let go and just do what you’re told to do, for ninety minutes each time. This is probably the opposite of what you have to do at your job. It becomes relaxing in the way you were relaxed when you were a child. Just show up. It also makes for a fast learning method.

I moved to Los Angeles in June 2013. I sent an email to Sam shortly after (he was, and is, the top rated trainer in Los Angeles on Yelp). Sam scheduled my first session on July 5th, 2013, at 6am. I believe this was to test my motivation. Sam is not looking to sell you. If anything, Sam is looking for reasons why he might not be the best fit for you as a coach. He’s never going to tell anything to please you or compliment you. In a country where fake appreciation is everywhere, Sam Yang’s currency knows no inflation. There is no judgment in either direction: no praise, no critique. This is hard to accept. When someone is parsimonious with praise, we can’t but assume he is a ferocious critic and fear his/her wrath. Sam does not care if you do or do not do what he advises. Does not tie your worth as a human to the results he records. He is just interested in why something did work or did not work. If you learn to do the same, you will be able to stop dwelling on mistakes or frustrating yourself over anything but 100% compliance. That is when you will start the real journey of improvement. If you just show up, it’s impossible to fail, even in things that you’re not naturally talented for (and movement is not something I have an ounce of talent for).

I ended up staying Los Angeles for a year, and trained with Sam and Michelle throughout. I haven’t reached any goals, I’ve added systems to my toolbox. These systems have produced results and continue to do so, 1.5 years after I stopped training with Sam. Here are some:

- I had never ridden a bicycle in my life. I learned how to ride at age 32. I commuted to and from my job on a bike for more than a year. I’ve ridden a road bike. Sam and I never talked about bicycles. I would not have taken up biking if I hadn’t trained with Sam.

- I crashed my bike and broke a few bones. I’ve recovered well ahead of my projected recovery curve because, in my physical therapist’s words, I am a “star patient”. I know the vocabulary, the movements, and the importance of consistency. This is thanks to All Out Effort.

- I left a job that was taking a toll on me after seeing the impact the job was having on my athletic performance. The numbers produced by your body produce a deeper kind of insight. Now I have a much better job, going to work makes me happy, and my career is on a better trajectory. AOE played a sizable role in this.

- I have much more grit than I used to. This applies to everything. I show up. I doubted I had this in me, but something showed me that I did, and that something is All Out Effort.

- I added a friend, and intellectual companion, and a person I admire in Sam Yang. Sam is as sparse in cheap praise and he’s generous in sharing his knowledge. It’s not often that you are able to work with someone who is not interested in your money, just in doing what he does in the best way possible. This is one such case.
— Roberto M. | Chief Data Scientist
Sam and his wife, Michelle, are terrific trainers. I’m normally not one who likes trainers or gyms but I was at the end of my rope when I couldn’t get over a knee problem. I did a variety of muscle building exercises on my own but my knee just wasn’t getting better. I was referred to Sam by a friend and as soon as I started my training, I seemed to get stronger by the week. And not only did my knee recover, I became stronger all around.

The prices are more affordable than most. The atmosphere is laid back. No machismo. It’s all good.
— Dave B. | Film Executive
I am not a gym person. This is not your standard gym. I am not a fan of most personal trainers. Sam and Michelle are so much more than that.

I started training with Sam and Michelle almost a year ago, and I’m so thankful I did. I initially joined to lose weight, and that’s still my ultimate goal, but with a medical issue that has made weight loss hard for me, my goals have shifted a bit. I now just want to be healthy and stronger, and be smarter about choices I make in my life, and with the unique method of coaching, education, and support Michelle and Sam have given me, I feel so much better. Every workout/ plan for better health is customized to you taking into account eating habits, sleeping habits, your work environment, and overall mental health. And the teachings aren’t confined to the gym. There is homework. And Sam checks in to make sure it’s getting done. When you join AOE, you are making a commitment to do your best, and Sam and Michelle commit as equally hard to you if you do.

The workouts are never the same - cardio, weights, stretching, boxing, mobility... and you never know who will coach you (Sam or Michelle) until you walk in the door for your appointment. Either one, is a win.

If you’re looking for a lunk-head trainer, Sam isn’t it. He is so smart, and so knowledgeable about, well, everything. Workouts come with really interesting conversations. He also attracts a smart clientele, so if you are in the gym with other AOE members (never more than 1 or 2 at a time) it’s never disappointing. Even though you only see these people sporadically, there’s a camaraderie among us all that just adds to the positive experience.

I am a very fortunate member of the AOE family, and that’s really how you feel when you’re there.
— Alyse Z. | Advertising Executive
AOE has been my first personal training experience, but I can’t imagine a better place to train or better people from which to learn. Sam and Michelle are extremely knowledgeable, kind, exceptional people that will engage, support and challenge you.

AOE treats and trains you as a whole person. You start with basic mobility exercises and work up to whatever goal you set for yourself. Sam takes a comprehensive approach when crafting your personal program, examining your eating, sleeping and work habits to better understand your needs.

The first thing Sam will tell you is that it’s all about mindset. I thought I understood this on day one, but I find I understand it more and more the longer I train. I really feel AOE has given me a better appreciation of what discipline means. At AOE you will work your muscles and your mind. Weights, cardio, martial arts, yoga and stretching (to name a few activities) will take place amidst an intellectual dialogue. Transhumanism, Feminism, Stocisim, Aldous Huxley — these are only the first topics that come to mind! Sam’s intellectual curiosity and knowledge is vast. This may sound a little intense depending on the gym culture you’re used to, but it’s not a dry or stilted environment by any means. I’ve had countless thought provoking and fun conversations with Sam and Michelle. We also talk about comedies and Joe Rogan. There is sometimes 90’s hip hop.

Another great aspect of AOE is the community of people that train there. It’s always a welcoming atmosphere. The clientele is really diverse. We’re all there to work hard and improve — it’s a supportive and inclusive place.

I was pretty soft around the middle when I showed up for my assessment. I’ve come a long way and still feel like I have a lot of work to do, but Sam and Michelle have built me up and given me the tools with which to improve. I feel stronger. I’ve lost weight. I move more fluidly and have a better attitude overall. I can’t thank them enough for the time and expertise they’ve shared with me. Check them out! You won’t regret it.
— Kristine N. | Editor
Sam and Michelle are amazing. I have one rebuilt (and re-blown) ACL in one knee and a blown PCL in the other knee. Basically, I’m all out of functional knees. Unlike other trainers who seemed to think that I should be able to leap up and down on the first day, Michelle and Sam worked with me — rebuilding muscle and confidence — until I actually COULD do the jumps, squats, and movements that would have been nearly impossible before. There are no mirrors at AOE because working out there isn’t about what you want to look like (though that’s side benefit) it’s about your health, how you feel, and actually about how you think about your body and life. Working out at AOE you aren’t going to get someone yelling in your face (you need to want this yourself), up-selling services or supplements, or tsk-tsking you if the scale moves up one day (if you are doing what you are supposed to it usually won’t, unless you are piling on muscle mass). The question is — are you doing everything you can to really take care of yourself? Do you know what you are eating and why? Are you using and treating your body the way it is meant to be used and treated? Do you REALLY know what you are capable of?

It’s hard to find a place to work out in L.A. if you are self-conscious, not in perfect shape already, or just don’t know where to start — everything seems super intimidating! Some people come in to A.O.E. and they can barely walk. If you need to be able to lift 15lbs and walk for 15 minutes, they can help you. If you need rehab post-surgery, they can help you. Slowly and surely after working with Sam and Michelle, even the weakest & sickest people regain health and confidence. I wasn’t TERRIBLE when I first showed up, but I was definitely a bit of a mess. After working with AOE for about a year regularly, I had strength I didn’t know I had — and I can’t wait to do more.

If you are in good — even great shape — don’t think they can’t challenge you. I’ve seen people who usually would be daydreaming through the hardest spin class sweating rivers and shaking like leaves on the AOE mat. Regular folks, pro athletes, MMA fighters, actors and models — everyone is pushed to their own personal limits and ever so slightly past them. Everything is geared around what YOU need RIGHT NOW.

Sam and Michelle didn’t just train me — they became coaches and friends. I really can’t exaggerate how much of an impact they made on my life. Trust me, if you are looking for a trainer who will challenge you to rise to your full potential physically, mentally, and even intellectually and emotionally — go to A.O.E. You’ll never look back.
— Natalie L.
I have to give All Out Effort / Sam Yang a 5 star review even though I have never been to this gym. What, you say? Wait! I can explain.

All Out Effort runs a blog which I have found to be literally life-changing. Well, I suppose there are two blogs, actually: allouteffort.com and musttriumph.com

Sam Yang’s writing is, quite simply, what brings me back to sanity every time I stray. I live in NY, so that’s the reason why i can’t train with Sam, though I have reached out to him in the past to ask if he’d be willing to train people remotely (answer was: not at this time). I will likely reach out to him again to find out if he’d be willing to do remote ‘life-coaching’/’mindset coaching’ sessions with me in the future, and hopefully the answer will be yes! But, if not, I totally understand :-)

But anyway, back to the blog. It is probably the best resource I have ever found on the internet for anything fitness/weight loss related. I am a sucker for information on this topic: I have all the keto/grain brain/wheat belly/dr joshi/nutrition enyclopedia’s at home (and MANY, MANY more), I watch documentaries and yes, read lots of articles on the internet. Nia Shanks, Biolayne, Mark’s Daily Apple, Gary Taubes and the likes. Sam Yang’s writing is my absolute favorite. On his website you will actually find resources which link you to some of the industry experts mentioned above, but his own writing is what I keep going back to the blog for. I have learned so much from his articles, but to be honest, I already knew a lot of that stuff. The reason why I keep returning (and re-reading the same blog posts every couple of months) is because they serve as sane reminders for the ‘right path’ to success. Every once in a while when I don’t reach my goals, I get caught up in a bad mental state, restrictive, black & white mentality, and Sam Yang’s writing acts as words of wisdom that set me straight... every single time.

It is much more than just a fitness blog. It gives you data/studies, yes, but it also covers the topic of psychology and behaviors, which is the root of absolutely everything. I subscribe to the newsletters and have donated $$$ to keep this blog going & show my support, because I sincerely hope it never ever goes away! Ugh, what would I be left with if it ever went away?!?! There is so much conflicting information out there on the Internet. His blog is the place which explains things simply, factually, and in an intelligent manner.

I’ve also always been fond of martial arts (practiced a tiny bit of karate as a kid, and then did muay thai on and off for 2 years in NYC and London, with a few krav maga lessons here and there), so martial arts philosophy really speaks to me.

All Out Effort’s blog is my fountain of sanity. It brings me calm when I feel anxious, provides me with answers when i have doubts, gives me hope when I feel like a failure. It is raw and intellectual. Again, it is SO much more than a blog on fitness and weight loss: it is philosophical, analytical, well thought out, well written, and most of all, just SANE. Simple. No bs. Nothing whack-o / crazy in there. It is respectful and kind, yet tough.

Please, Sam, if you ever read this review, there are people out there who really need you to continue writing. I hope you never stop. You have an immense gift.

That being said, I go to LA a couple of times a year and I would very much like to visit the gym next time I am there. Sure, I won’t be able to be a full-time client as I live across the country, but I’d love to pop in for a few sessions regardless, if that’s ok with All out Efforts’ policy!

Thanks guys.
-a New Yorker who appreciates you very much.
I hate the gym. I love All Out Effort. Sam and his crew probably won’t get you a six pack, or train you to bench-press more than your buddies. There’s a Gold’s just down the street for that. Instead, All Out Effort gives everyone a personalized routine, but first looks at the bigger picture — what do you eat, how do you sleep, do you drink enough water daily, are you stressed — so that you see physical fitness as a part of overall well-being. Then, when it comes to physical training, AOE starts with basic mobility (a problem for me) to get clients flexible before it’s time for strength training. To be sure, I’ve seen some amazingly fit clients training there, but what matters to me is that after a few weeks I was able to walk and carry things much more effortlessly, because for years my muscles had been fighting their own stiffness without me knowing it. I also had balance issues, so they focused on balance exercises — embarrassing in front of others what with all the falling over, but over time I got better. The AOE staff are cheery and pleasant. No tough-talking jocks here. Sam in particular is an intellectual who can and will talk about any brainy subject while correcting your form. AOE’s unique angle is not to browbeat you into shape, but to get YOU to understand why you need to do what you need to do. For some of us, that’s the best training possible.
— Paul B. | Writer & Musician
Put very simply, Sam transformed my life. When I met him in late 2013, I was overweight (153lbs on a 5’2” frame at my highest), out of shape and completely intimidated by gyms and trainers. I knew I needed a change, but I didn’t know where to start. I was looking for someone with whom I would be comfortable, but would push me to become healthy the right way. I read Sam’s reviews on Yelp and felt very strongly that his process would work for me. I met him, interviewed with him and committed immediately.

What I learned very quickly was that this was about a full transformation - not just physically, but mentally as well. The mental part was first, and the physical came as a result. Sam, Michelle helped me get into the mindset of healthy routines by introducing small changes gradually and in a way that has been sustainable. The small changes were easy to transition into and I saw slow steady progress at first. I was about 6 months into my new habits when things started clicking for me at a new level and the weight started coming off quicker and the mental cloud I had been existing in had completely cleared. Workouts were tough and make you feel accomplished at the end of each one, but the articles Sam sends and the conversations during the workouts served me even more. I left each session feeling inspired, motivated, eager to adopt healthier habits in all aspects of my life - diet, sleep, time management, risk, business. For the first time in a long while, I was feeling proud of what I was doing again.

You get what you put in - if you are committed, Sam & team will give you the tools to be successful. But he will not yell at you, force you, berate you or babysit you. He will check in, encourage, inform, teach and push you. He has created a community of people who are committed to bettering themselves in every aspect and can share their wisdom and resources and help to better each other. Egos are checked at the door, occasional partner workouts are encouraged and an atmosphere of positivity and inclusion can really be felt.

The most amazing thing about Sam is that he is truly rooting for you. He cares. And he does a ton of research and is a fountain of knowledge on many things. He finds ways to apply this knowledge to each one of his clients - to adjust posture, change mindset, try a new exercise, suggest a more efficient way of doing a task. You get SO MUCH MORE than just a slimmer figure or more developed muscles (although you get those too!).

I am now down 30lbs and physically and mentally so much healthier. If you are reading this and looking for a coach who can help to transform your life, call Sam immediately - I really cannot recommend him highly enough.
— Michelle D. | Designer
If you want to drop weight really fast and have someone shout at you to do more burpees then go on a fad diet and join a boot camp. But, if you are serious about your physical and mental health and want to make long lasting changes to your lifestyle that will result in healthier AND happier living then...

Join All Out Effort.


There are two: Sam and Michelle. And they’re all very knowledgeable, friendly and fun. You get to work with all of them and each has their own style, which gives a nice variety. And you never know which of them you will get when you walk in for your appointment which makes for a nice surprise.

You might find yourself in a very heady conversation with Sam while grunting your way through your workout. Sometimes, it works in your favor because you might get a slightly longer break while he finishes his thought. ;-)


They can be hard, but never grueling. Although some would disagree. And they don’t yell out you to pull more weight or do more reps or anything like that. First, they see how you move to ascertain areas of weakness like shoulders, knees and ankles.

Then they get you moving correctly. Then they get you moving well. Then they get you moving a lot. Always building. Pushing, but never punishing.

They have ropes, kettle bells, weights, rowing machine, climber, medicine balls, pretty much everything you can think of. Some days you’ll just do body weight and movement. Other days you might do a lot of weights. Depends on the trainer and where Sam thinks you are in your progression.

The workouts, ironically, are the smallest part of the AOE experience. The hardest part is when it’s you versus you out in the real world.


Sam is constantly providing new perspectives on how to look at both fitness and how you’re living your life. Never preaching, but always sharing. To ignore this part of AOE is to miss out on the most important thing they have to offer in my opinion.


It’s a very inviting, friendly community between the coaches and the clients. You start seeing the same faces. There is no “beefcake posing and flexing in the mirror” aspect to it. In fact, there are no mirrors at all.

So, no matter how you might perceive yourself, no one is going to make you feel bad about what you can or can’t do or make you feel bad about yourself. It’s very welcoming and inclusive.

FINALLY... I think what you can expect from All Out Effort can be best summed up in a blog post written by Sam Yang (head coach) on his AOE blog: The Boring Guide To Weight Loss

And like anything, you get out of it what you put into. If you don’t adhere to the things they teach you then it will get in the way of your goals. If your goal is to lose twenty pounds, but you just can’t stop eating a pint of ice cream every night at midnight then recognize you might never reach your goal.

But, bottom line is... these guys will make you rethink the way you look at fitness in the best possible way.
— Calvin S. | Writer
I’ve been lucky enough to have known Sam for a number of years. Perhaps five years ago now Sam was a trainer developing his strategies under the corporate confines of Bally’s. However, since then, and since leaving, he has created his own studio (an idea he was forming when I was his client). Years had passed when I was finally ready to come back and see what Sam has been all about in his venture. Perhaps 8 months ago now, I started back with Sam as my trainer and the results have been incredible! Mental and physical improvements in what has been a very difficult time getting my mind on track. His strategy, best described, is an all-encompassing approach to fitness and wellness - Mental First and the rest follows. I’m always excited to get to his gym. Sam is a wonderful teacher and great person to have supporting your corner.
— Rob T. | Artist
It’s my first time trying personal training and I have definitely got way more than I expected. Sam’s method totally changed what I thought about fitness and health. I have learned so much knowledge and I can see small positive changes happening on me.

I sincerely enjoy each training class with either Sam or Michelle. There are different movements every time and I alway look forward to challenging myself with something new. I feel I’m stronger, more positive and efficient throughout my journey with AOE.

I really wish I could stay longer but sadly I’m moving to another city. I don’t think I will ever be able to find another professional like Sam. His program is just so unique. But I will definitely stay connected with Sam and AOE community and being inspired all the time.
— Claire F. | Grad Student
After reading the reviews on Yelp, and being frustrated with other trainers, I decided to give Sam a try. I almost didn’t sign up with him because his interviewing of me was so rigorous that I was afraid he was going to be one of those “yell at you” types of trainers. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Sam is very much about showing you a path, and you deciding if you want to walk the path. He’s supportive, and somewhat chill, but if it becomes clear you aren’t interested in putting effort in, he’d rather refund your money and have you find a trainer that works better for you. Whatever you choose to follow will be respected so long as you are choosing what you do vs just ambling along eating junk food or jumping on a fad. My choosing to train with him was not so much about weight loss, but improving my mobility and strength. The workouts are not simply an hour, because your warm-up mobility exercises will take you at least 20-30 minutes before you begin the workout. After I moved away from LA, I tried a gym & trainer in my location that “seemed” like Sam’s place — seemed to have the same philosophy and the same type of exercises. But it was an awful fit for me. The key is not just the exercises you do, it’s finding the right kind of mentor — and that’s what they are. If you enjoy your exercise you’ll stick with it. I enjoyed every session I had for the year+ before I moved away, and when I move back to LA I’ll be back with them for sure.
— Erin M.
Love coming here. Sam and Michelle are smart, fun, and welcoming! This isn’t about gimmicky weight loss. This is about wellness... both physical and mental. The approach is unique and sophisticated. There is definitely a focus on proper form and mobility. The vibe of the place is great and the other clients are cool too. Feels like a community. Thank you Sam and Michelle!
— Chris R.
I never felt the urge to ever write a review on any product or service in the past. My review is on Sam Yang and how he motivated me to get back to shape after I got married and had my first child as everyone knows packing on the weight and losing motivation is easy after those events in life. As for me I was always used to being in shape and not just in shape competitive shape as I’ve competed in professional mixed marital arts for close to 10 years. In those years I met tons of trainers and experimented with lots of diets. I met Sam about a year ago at our current jiu jitsu gym. We would talk about our experiences in martial arts and I realized this guy Sam has been around. He studied many different arts and got his certifications in many strength and conditioning systems. As the months went by I always took note of his discipline and detail to his technique in jiu jitsu.

In the beginning of January I decided for 2015 I was going to get back to fight shape and I registered for a popular tournament for jiu jitsu, which was March 14. The kicker was that I registered for a weight that required me to be 150lb and at the current time I was 167. That was 17 lb in two months and in shape to compete. So the first thing he advised me to do to improve was to come one to one and half hours before each class and practice and second was to clean up my diet. So Sam sends me some links and gave me some advice how to adjust my diet and we decided to call it the Sam Yang diet.

After 2 months I lost 18 lbs and I was feeling great. Not only did I lose the weight my cardio improved dramatically. His diet advice was awesome but what really impressed me was Sam on going motivation. I would get frequent texts that kept me motivated and on top of that I would read his posts to gain more knowledge on diet and training. I felt like reading about the diet helped me understand why it was actually working and what I should be doing.

At the end I ended up competing at the tournament at my goal weight in the best shape I have been in years. I felt awesome not only physically but also mentally. I am positive Sam can help you achieve your goals in life. Either if you are trying to lose weight or just get into a healthier life style. As you see from all his wonderful comments from people he just more then a typical personal trainer. For me his greatest quality was the way he motivated and educated me and with that I am very thankful to meet him. Sorry for going on so long, I can just keep going and going.
— Albert R. | Teacher & MMA Fighter
Just the fact that you’re reading these reviews means that you’re interested in finding a personal coach. And I’m telling you to go through with that feeling and contact Sam because you’re not going to find someone better. 2 years ago I did the same thing and it literally changed my life.

I wasn’t overweight but never really felt entirely comfortable with my weight, maybe like 10 or 15 pounds too heavy. I had a few gym memberships in my life but never really ended up going or pushing myself so I realized unless I have a personal coach I’m probably always gonna carry around these extra 15 pounds with me.

I went to the free consultation and immediately liked it. I got a good feeling from Sam, I felt taken seriously and I liked the whole approach which is really more than just “how can we get rid of that extra weight” and more of a “how can we change your lifestyle for the better”. I always liked a quote that I heard on HBO’s Girls that said something like “magic only happens out of your comfort zone” and Sam has a similar approach that I immediately connected with.

I trust Sam 100%. I followed his advice, made changes in my diet, showed up twice a week for training and never felt better. What I like about it is the constant exchange with Sam. It doesn’t just stop when you leave the gym, he will text you and forward you articles, update you on new research; it really is so much more than just working out. Another thing I should mention is that due to an accident I underwent a few surgeries and had to go to PT for my knee injury. I actually stopped going to PT because I get so much more out of my workouts with Sam and my knee is pain free thanks to us constantly working on it.

In the end, I lost about 20 pounds and still, almost 2 years later, follow his diet guidelines and train with Sam once or twice a week. When I read yelp reviews 2 years ago I never thought that signing up with Sam would have such an impact on my life but I couldn’t be happier to have found this place.

As long as I have a job and can afford coming here once or twice a week I always will!
— Josephine K. | Editor
Thank you, thank you, Sam, I am!
Thank you for the sore quads and hams
I could not, would not live without
Sam’s personal training workout

I will do them in the gym
I will do them before a swim
I will do them in the park
I will do them in the dark
I will do them at the break of dawn
I will do them on my front lawn
I will do them here and there
I will do them anywhere!

Try them, try them! you will see!
You will love them, just like me
Try them, try them! they are fun!
Join me after for a run!
I do so like sore quads and hams
Thank you, thank you, Sam I am!
— Jill C.
I honestly don’t even know where to begin when it comes to talking about Sam and Michelle and the entire All Out Effort community.

I have never been one to talk about my weight or talk about my size, being overweight for a good portion of my life I think that I had simply learned to “live with it” and never did I ever think I would posses physical strength or feel truly comfortable in my own skin. I came to Sam last January when I had reached the highest weight that I have been in my adult life. I was miserable, exhausted, and had very little self confidence left. I realized that I was living in a severe state of denial about my body and my life. I learned to buy clothes that covered the problem areas of my body, I would avoid hiking and bike rides at the risk of not being able to keep up with my physically fit friends, I never ever took pictures, and I lived in a constant state of anxiety that I would never be the woman that I wanted to be.

An emotional eater by nature, what makes weight loss different for me is that it’s a mental obstacle, an emotional attachment to food. It is not simply an issue of changing my diet or getting off the couch and working out, I needed to change the way I thought and approached fitness and my well-being.

In the past I have tried fad diets, working out with trainers at the mainstream gyms, doing it on my own, and setting goals but not following through with them. I kept trying and failing over and over again because I never grasped the mental part of health and fitness, the most important part in my opinion. This is one of the many, many things that set Sam and his team apart from the rest of the trainers out there. Sam’s philosophy revolves around having the correct mental philosophy and approach to fitness. No matter if your goal is to lose weight, gain strength, or simply get in shape, Sam and his team work wholeheartedly and diligently to create a plan that is designed specifically for you. It is truly a personal experience, you are not just a number at All Out Effort. Sam and Michelle are not just trainers they are coaches pushing you each step of the way. Through working with them I have gained more confidence than I have ever had in my life or ever believed that I would have. They have showed me that I CAN do it and have never let me give up on myself even though there were definitely days that I wanted to.

I have lost 30 pounds and a high percentage of body fat in the eight months that I have been a member at All Out Effort. Although the numbers are wonderful, nothing can compare to how I feel now compared to when I first started. I have confidence, strength, and pride in my body and myself. To feel this way is truly priceless and I could not have gotten here without All Out Effort. If you are ready to take a leap in your life and get on the path to becoming the person you want to be I highly recommend becoming part of the All Out Effort community. It’s a decision that you will not regret.
— Lauren W.
Sam and company are knowledgeable, personable, and I benefited tremendously from training with them. I didn’t feel pressure to buy anything, and it’s not a glamorous experience, which is why it works. I found that I could take what I did there with me to the gym. I got both stronger and leaner and I found that working out here enhances other activities I do, like yoga. The methods are deeply researched and I trust them completely. This is not for someone who is taking change lightly or superficially. If you commit to it, you’ll get results. I highly recommend them for those people who are genuinely interested in changing their lifestyle and, perhaps, your attitudes about exercise and nutrition.
— Diana D. | Comedian & Scholar
If you’re only looking for a trainer to sculpt your abs, do not waste your time here.

If you’re not willing to literally crawl before graduating to walking, do not bother contacting Sam.

If you’re not willing to do LOTS of reading homework in an effort to challenge conventional approaches to nutrition, do not pick up your phone to call Sam.

If you’re not willing to text photos of everything you eat for 2 weeks WITHOUT FAIL so that Sam can get an idea of what you eat, this is not the place for you.

If you’re just looking to lose some weight for an upcoming event (wedding, honeymoon, etc) and that’s it, this isn’t the place for you.

If you love forking your money over to the supplement industry, you might want to consider dialing another trainer.

If you are willing to work extremely hard, give 110%, realize that fitness does not end the minute you leave the gym and completely overhaul the way you used to think about working out and nutrition, then this is the place you for you.

Sam will turn everything you THINK you know on its head as he runs you through your training. Training with Sam isn’t just exercising because he insists you exercise a muscle you normally wouldn’t associate with “working out” and that’s your BRAIN. If you think I’m kidding, let me reassure you that I am not. While you are huffing and puffing and your face is turning an alarming shade of red, he WILL be asking you about any number of the “homework” he has assigned to you when he agreed to take you on as a client. If you think he doesn’t remember what you have and have not read, let me tell you that Sam has the memory of an elephant. He. Will. Remember. And then he’ll ask you the next time he sees you.

That’s right. HE determines if YOU are worthy as a client. Sam’s approach to training is wildly different from any other method I’ve ever come across. He cares about you and how you’re doing. It’s hard to believe that when you’re scrabbling across the floor facing off against his beautiful (and equally relentless and brutally efficient) wife and you swear you’re about to drop dead....but he really does care.

He will email you. He will text you. He will check in on you routinely to see how you’re progressing and will alter his plan accordingly. Sam trains you the way elite professional athletes train and therein lies the difference between his method and all the other trainers out there.

When you come on as a client of AOE, what you’re really signing up for is the opportunity to train the way athletes do. What’s also stupefying is how Sam charges for his services. It is beyond affordable...and the results are incredible.

When you join AOE, what you’re really doing is becoming a part of a small community where everyone encourages each other and celebrates our small victories.
— Bonnie C. | Nurse
I’m always looking for the most optimal way to do anything I care about. In fact, I see no reason why I can’t be exceptional in every significant aspect of life. I believe that all I have to do is find the most successful people in the field that I’d like to improve in and learn everything I can from them.

I was always skinny growing up. In high school I ran track and played football, despite being one of the smallest guys on the team at 5’6 145. I stopped playing organized sports in college and started putting on the pounds. When I came to AOE I was over 170. I felt like I couldn’t lose weight no matter what. I never ate after I was full, avoided late night meals and exercised a few times a week. Not only couldn’t I lose weight but I’d feel weak and lethargic for long stretches at a time.

Eventually I decided that I couldn’t stand being sub-optimal in such an important part of my life. I looked for personal trainers on Yelp and picked the one with 40—something consecutive 5 star reviews. When I first met Sam I was surprised; he was Asian and not a meathead. That was good. I don’t like meatheads. When I’d imagine working out with a trainer, I’d always envisioned a guy who looked like The Rock flexing his guns in a sleeveless tee, while yelling at me to stop being a pussy and pump out one more bicep curl. I was also surprised to learn that my fitness homework was to read some books and a bunch of online articles.

Initially I was far from convinced that following Sam’s diet advice would help me achieve my fitness goals. I wanted somebody to help me work out, not tell me how to live my life! However, if I commit to trying something, I’m going to try to do it to the best of my ability. I decided to follow Sam’s suggestions as best I could and check on the results after a few months.

Well waiting a few months turned out to be completely unnecessary, as I lost 6lbs my first month, 18lbs after 4 months and have continued losing weight at a gradual pace since. It’s been 16 months now and I’m down 37lbs to 135, and have a 6—pack for the first time ever! This is the first time in my life I’ve been able to see any of my ab muscles, let alone all six!

Sometimes my friends ask me why I still see a trainer and eat such a weird diet. “Why do you punish yourself when you’re already in such good shape?” To me that question makes no sense. I’ve finally found something that has helped me optimize my body, health, and fitness and now I should change just because I look healthy? Of course, I cheat occasionally but it makes no sense to me to change something that makes me feel stronger and more energetic throughout the day, while helping me maintain the body I want.

It’s not a stretch to say Sam has changed my life. Sam is always there with new information and ideas on what I can do to be a better, healthier me which never gets old since I’m always striving to be my best. He even gives me semi—compliments sometimes! But I can’t complain since she creates such a fun and completely supportive environment for my grunts. At this point, they feel like friends as much as coaches. But as much as they’ve helped me get in great shape, I know that I’d also be fine on my own. I haven’t stopped losing weight when I’ve gone out of town for a month or two because I still control what I eat and how I work out. I know they can’t eat healthy for me, or drive me to my work outs, or make sure I get enough sleep. So I do my best to do all those things on my own and when I’m in LA, I know they’re always here to help me get the most optimal workouts I can.
— Isaac H. | Pro Poker Player
I started training with Sam a year and a half ago. I was 30 lbs overweight and couldn’t touch my toes without screaming. Now, I’ve got 10 lbs to go, and only scream in triumph when i finish my workouts.

Here’s the thing with Sam. Yes, you’ll lose weight. Yes, you’ll start eating right. Yes, you’ll feel better. But here’s what’s more important. You’ll change. You’ll be a different person, and you’ll carry that difference into your life. No longer will you settle for less than your potential. Not in work, not in life, not in love. And though Sam doesn’t deal with any other aspect of your life but your determination and education as it relates to health and balance and strength, the side effects of his training are long lasting. Not only will you develop new habits, but you’ll take care of yourself in a way you never thought possible. Sam focuses on the mental stamina and the belief in yourself that is required to be a physical and spiritual warrior. And if warrior isn’t your goal, then you’ll still be in great shape, groceries will be easier to carry, and people just might mistake you for a warrior. Oh well...
— Jason E. | Director/Writer/Producer
If you want to change your bad habits, posture, and life, I highly recommend Sam. When I first got there, I was so exhausted from work and was in a depressed moment in my life. That’s why I was desperately looking for something to change me.

Well, my choice turned out well. I changed my bad habit of craving carbs and eating even when I wasn’t hungry. At the same time, they made me stronger. My stubborn fat was not going away, after 2 months of training it began going away, I couldn’t believe it.

Their training is not that easy but you will enjoy it later. If you want to feel stronger and healthy, I definitely recommend them.
— Michelle K. | Veterinarian
Sam is an unusual hybrid in an ocean of ones and zeroes. Many trainers clamber to market a perfectly priced pay up front one size fits all if it’s good for the Hollywood Elite than you want yours product.

I think Sam has actually stood back and seen the really big picture then made a humble genuine gym that offers a manageable long term well devised learning center for life and wellness and a happy reality.
— Nina S. | Crossfit Coach/Fitness Competitor/Radio Personality
We’ve made a lot of progress on my goals of being healthier, stronger, and having more energy. I’m excited about what’s coming next. Feeling stronger makes me want to feel stronger, if that makes sense. Spending a week in Hawaii with my four-year old, who has turned into a little athlete who prefers to spend about eight hours a day at the pool and the beach, makes me really happy that I can keep up with him and that I’ll be able to keep up with him for a long time.

I could write all kinds of stuff. I’m excited about where this is going. I’m grateful for a big shift that’s taking place in my whole attitude toward diet, exercise, and myself.

Thanks for your help, Sam! It’s a big deal.
— Dan R. | Marketing Executive
I first heard about Sam Yang through his blog and website, All Out Effort. Content..content..content, this man knows his stuff and puts a lot of thought into his methodology. Sam has a different approach to training and is always seeking more knowledge. You know someone truly cares when they are constantly hungry for knowledge and not dollars! The atmosphere at AOE is second to none, and mainly because of Sam’s process of choosing clients. There are no egos, no bad attitudes, just RESULTS! If you are sick of the monotony of big box gyms and want a great workout with an amazing group of people, try AOE.
— JEI K. | Owner of West Seattle Fight and Fitness
Sam challenged me to step up and make a commitment. And I knew that nothing less would count. I have a new baby and I want to be a dad who can compete with the younger dads at school sports days. I want to be a dad who is healthy and fit and a role model for my son. So I committed and I get out of bed at 5AM twice a week - no matter what - to work out with Sam.

Sam pushes me far more than I could ever do for myself. I’ll be straining to do pull-ups and he’ll come over and hang a weight around my waist! I’ll get my highest ever score on the climbing machine and he’ll force me to do push ups instead of lying in a heap! As Sam says, “Train hard, live easy.” I see training with Sam as one of the best investments I have ever made in myself.
— Rich L. | Success Coach & Author
I joined All Out Effort less than a year ago when I moved to LA - my goal was to lose the weight that has plagued me all my life but more than that to lose it and keep it off instead of the up and down I’d been doing since about 11. Plus my 40th birthday is almost upon me this year and I wanted to be happy with myself for probably the first time ever. I’m not there yet but I’ve lost 30lbs, have shape to my arms and legs and am pretty sure I have a two-pack that’s actually made out of muscle instead of fat rolls.

Sam has a different style and you have to go in to this with the mindset that you want to change. If you have that, he will move heaven and earth to help you achieve it but why should they give their all if you’re not? I didn’t have a lot of faith that this would work when I started but Sam kept telling me to trust him and I did and it worked. From the taking photos of my every meal, to the conscious decisions to eat right, to the showing up for workouts, to the learning to love myself, I’ve evolved into someone that has forgiven herself (mostly) for the imperfections and accepted what I can and can’t change. But surprisingly, some of the things I thought I couldn’t change, I was wrong about and I wouldn’t never have known if Sam hadn’t encouraged me and pointed out the way.

One of the most impressive aspects of their training is how much attention they pay to each individual person’s needs - it’s not a one program fits all. If you have an injury, they work around it and follow up to make sure you’re ok afterwards. They step you through strength, technique, stability and keep it different so you work every part of your body regularly. I’ll be honest, I have two sessions a week and maybe do only 2 or 3 on my own at home but they must be doing something right because I’ve seen huge changes in definition that don’t just come from losing weight. Seems to be more effective training with exercises that target weak spots and work to correct them. One of the best things for me has been their insistence that a 20 minute workout is ok - I used to do two one hour workouts a day and got totally burnt out. The mental freedom you have from knowing you just have to knock out 20 minutes has been liberating for me and helps me to stay on track far more easily - who can’t squeeze 20 minutes in??

Sam’s dedication to his clients shows a level of caring that you don’t get with trainers that are just looking to make money.

I would highly recommend the two of them and All Out Effort if you have reached the decision that now is the time and you’re prepared to commit and put in the work.
— Kirsten F. | Corporate Negotiations
One of the things I realized soon after meeting Sam back in 2006 was his attention to detail and methodical execution of movement. At that time, we were both actively competing in martial arts events. His insistence on proper technique and repetition had a profound influence on my progression in Jiu-Jitsu.

I moved out of the area a few years later for work but kept in touch with Sam. At this time he began taking courses in physical training, learning sport-specific exercises to prevent injury and enhance athletic performance, and working with a growing list of clients on their specific needs.

I finally got to see everything in action in December 2012, when I went to observe a group fitness class at All Out Effort. I can honestly say that many of the same attributes I saw back in 2006 were present in his instruction of the class. I don’t think there is much more you can ask for in an instructor than a solid base of knowledge and the ability to work with a variety of clients, and Sam has both.

If you live in LA and are serious about improving your physical condition, you owe it to yourself to give All Out Effort a try.
— Ben P. | Martial Artist & Engineer
I got to train with Coach Sam several years ago before All Out Effort was what it is now and he in that short amount of time changed my life...

I know that sounds cliche but he did. There are things he’s said to me that still resonates with me today, and whenever I am about to eat something bad, I can hear his voice asking me if I really want to do that. It’s like a little coach on my shoulder.

I came to him during a time when I was going through a lot of personal issues and my life is now forever altered...for the better that is.

Not only did I get in the best shape of my life, but its sustainable now. How to eat, exercise, swing a kettlebell, sleep, and live.

On my first day he told me about my comfort zone, and how all the magic was on the other side, outside of my comfortable little bubble. In the darkness I will find my motivation, and only then can I sustain my healthy lifestyle.

No magic diets, no guarantees, just a lot of perspective, and it’s what I needed!

Thank you so much!
— Ellen L.
Sam deserves to be on Best of Yelp’s top personal coaches in Los Angeles.!

What separates Sam from other trainers?

He genuinely cares for his clients.
He makes sure you have proper form when performing exercise routines.
He listens to you and your story.
He not only helps his clients lose weight, but coaches them to make a lifestyle change.

I met Sam summer 2010 when I decided to make a lifestyle change. Since then, I have trained with him, observed him training other clients, and followed his blog / youtube videos / anythingyoucanname that he wrote.

What I love about Sam is that he accepts and welcomes you just as you are. From there, he will work with you to live life healthily and happily. He isn’t like other trainers that forces strict diets down your throat (hehehe, pun intended) and make you perform an absurd exercise regimen that makes you want to quit forever (but I’m sure that if you requested a hardcore workout, he will give you one). Many individuals want a miracle cure for their weight loss issues, but they have to understand that it takes time, change, patience, determination, and a helpful supporter.

Sam philosophy works—not only physically, but mentally. While you work with him, your mentality will change and you will start seeing weight loss differently.

No trainer can force you to do anything. The inspiration must come from within. So if you’re ready to make a lifestyle change, then invest in yourself by contacting Sam. I promise you—you won’t regret it.

If you’re still hesitant about finding the right personal trainer, I highly recommend visiting his website. Browse through it, read the blog, read the reviews. You’ll learn a lot.
— Milli J.
All Out Effort is the ultimate training experience in Los Angeles! Sam and Michelle provide personal training at an affordable price point which is a rarity in this town. Their vast knowledge of body mechanics combined with dietary recommendations really provides you with the proper tools to improve your overall mental and physical self.

Having been physically active my entire life and a trained dancer, I am hyper aware of correct body alignment and its importance. I have taken fitness classes all over this city and they are the only trainers who actually pay attention and focus on proper technique.

No workout is the same... all are custom tailored to be challenging in order to take you to the next level. Sam and Michelle are excellent trainers who really care about you as a person. Going to All Out Effort gym has been the best investment I have ever made!
— K. L.
You know what has actually helped me through this last week of stress?

A drawing that you showed me on assessment day - the circle with the line through the middle with comfort on one side and the dark night on the other. I drew a version on a post-it (with growth & change instead of dark night) and stuck it on my mac as a visual reminder, and every time I start to feel overwhelmed I stare at it for a while and think about the reasons of why I’m doing all of this. And I start to feel renewed again.

So thank you Sam, for showing me that. I bet you didn’t even realize that in 1 minute you already changed my life.
— Diane V. | CEO
As a trainer of course Sam’s studio jumped out at me because of the amazing reviews and I could tell there was something different there beyond just a really hard work out, beyond just the results, its the approach.

Definitely the importance on all the postural assessments and range of motion of the joints. For example how Sam told me you need to be able to create in your full range of motion. So it’s irrelevant if where you’re building strength and muscle is not related to functional movement, whether it be in a sport or daily activity, or an exercise you’re going to do later in the workout.

There’s a lot of thought and logic and science built into the workout. It seems to have more of a purpose than to just kick your butt and burn calories. Because you’re still burning calories, but you’re also creating a smarter body and a stronger body and healthier joints and better movements.
— Rebecca A. | Personal Trainer/Fitness Director/Group Instructor
I have worked out with personal trainers before, but never with anyone who actually cared about how I was doing and wanted me to be healthy not just lose weight. I knew that Sam was different the first day I met him when he gave me reading homework. I was like I have to read to get in shape, but Sam wanted me to understand my body and what roles nutrition and exercise played in my life.

I didn’t get to work with Sam as long as I would have liked, but with him I lost nearly 30 pounds in just a few short months. Everyone asks me what I’m doing like it’s some big secret or mystery. I just say I met this awesome guy who taught me how to eat right and exercise the right way.

I would recommend Sam to everyone! He’s the BEST!!!
— Angela Z.
Basically I just came back to New York many months ago… just for a visit...and then I just stayed. I found freelance work pretty quickly.

But more importantly, I also wanted to thank you. I am doing some training here, but it just makes me appreciate your methodology and the effectiveness of your workouts.

Again, thank you for everything!
— Leslie K. | User Experience Consultant
I’ve been to the other Personal Trainers; The dime-a-dozen, amped-up fitness freaks, of which there are so very many in this town. People with frozen smiles and that perpetual groaning noise caught in their throat after they say what they think you want to hear.

People who will tell you anything to make you feel like you’re making progress. People who coddle you and make you feel good about yourself so that you continue to give them money for their unlicensed, unregulated business that they conduct with little to no training requirements or expertise. Such is the usual business practice of the Hollywood Personal Trainer.

I’d hate to sound clichéd, folks, but Sam is not the average Personal Trainer. He shouldn’t even be in the same category. At this point, I find that referring to him as a “Personal Trainer” belittles him due to the mere association it creates with the rest of the fitness morons in this town.

Sam is, to me, a remarkable individual with whom it is a privilege to train with and be helped by. Unfortunately, that’s not a catchy title but it captures the spirit of his practice far more than “Personal Trainer”.

He is not here to tell you what you want to hear. In fact, you’re probably going to hear a bunch of stuff you didn’t want to hear. About your diet. About your posture. About your moods and your personality and the way you conduct your life.

He approaches you from a clinical, almost mathematical point of view. Just by looking at your musculature and the tightness of your joints and nerves, at the way you move and run and interact, he can somehow see the kind of life you lead and the kind of person you are and, make no mistake, to Sam, that is important.

He’s not trying to improve your body. He’s trying to improve you. Body and mind. Hardware and Software. Improve it, shape it. To him, it’s all connected, as I’ve come to learn that it should be.

Let me explain; He will constantly look at every aspect of your life. Your diet. Your exercise. Your work place. Your personal life. All of these things come into play and he evaluates all of it and forms a plan to improve every facet of your life. And he will explain to you, in detail, why and how these parts of your life must change. Get ready to absorb some info, because Sam does his homework. He is learned and very informed in everything that he does. This kind of dedication from a “Personal Trainer” is not the norm. I cannot stress it enough when I say he doesn’t NEED to do what he does, he does it out of pleasure and kindness.

And as much as he might seem like the hard-ass, he’s a softie. He puts a LOT of emotional investment into you. More than many people should. So much that you won’t want to let him down. It’s not a guilt thing, he actually cares. He puts effort into you, tries to help you in any way he can, professionally and personally because he approaches you like a PERSON, not like a body or a client. That’s why he’s so effective. He tries to fix problems from the source.

And he feels more like a good friend than a coach. The only reminder that I’m a client of a business is that every few weeks he mentions that I’ll have to make a payment soon. The rest of the time, he approaches me with a balance of professionalism and friendship that is exactly what I need to turn my life around.

Which brings me to my final point; By far, the most important thing you must take away from this review is that he will stress that it is YOU who’s got to make the change. YOU who has to put the work in and the belief. I know I’ve made him sound like some flip-a-switch solution to your problems, he’s not. He just gives you the support and information you need for YOU to become the solution. And that’s worth a whole lot more than he charges.

Before Sam, I was half-assing life. I was just trying my best. Now, I’m trying to be the best. There’s a big difference there.
— Arthur D. | Director/Writer/Actor
I have been in the US for 6 years now and had a sedentary lifestyle for the first 5-1/2 years. Before that, I was never FIT at any point of time but, at the very least, I used to play cricket for several hours every week. Being a south-indian, veggies and fruits were part of my diet. Excessive cheese, oil or salt were NOT, it was all good stuff (lentils, veggies, diverse spices, etc ). On the downside, I used to eat a lot of rice, yoghurt, savories and drank coffee quite a bit (coffee diluted heavily with milk).

When I came to LA, there were a few subtle but important changes. I started eating out more (indian fast food and otherwise). So, more cheese, salt and oil than I was ever used to. Due to anxiety of grad studies or work or what not, I started drinking even more coffee. Plus, absolutely NO exercise. Fast forward 5-1/2 years later, I couldn’t do easy hikes without taking breaks to catch my breath when everyone around seemed fine (they are not super-fit, just not as bad as I was). Advice from friends, family, doctor and lot of internet research led to prioritizing health as an important goal in my life.

Sam’s experience and his blog was an important factor. It has a lot of information on how to improve the diet, what are the kind of exercises to incorporate in training to achieve fitness goals. Another factor is his emphasis that safety comes first. I know people who had severe injuries trying to work out or lift weights without proper training. So, having read client reviews and being convinced in a FREE session, I decided to give AOE a shot.

1. Safety comes first and Sam is critical about perfecting the posture before moving on to more reps or heavier weights. When I started, I was asked to run on the treadmill. Soon, he noted that I had an incorrect running form. After a while of running, I had shin splints due to the way I was striking my feet and my shoes. He promptly asked me to try running barefoot, corrected my form and suggested particular type of barefoot shoes. Hours of practice later, I can run faster (7-8 mph), longer (9-10 minutes) and no shin splints yet.

2. Strength training: I didn’t know most of the exercises, had poor form for the rest and the weights I used were small. So, Sam suggested that I start with small weights and lower reps. But he made sure that I was pushing myself to the next level and over time, improvements were apparent. Earlier, I could probably squat with 15 lbs kettle bell for few reps. Now, I can squat with 35 lbs for more reps or even do a complex with two 25 lbs (50 lbs effectively). Still have a long way to go compared to other clients.

3. IMO, one of the best advice that Sam gave is the notion of proper form in body-weight exercises. Some exercises (squats, dead lifts, getting up, etc.) are basic movements that we do everyday. It is crucial to maintain proper form while doing them as well. I felt that was insightful and made it a point to apply it everyday. Whenever I reach down to pick up stuff or lift heavy packages in mail, I make sure that I apply the same techniques as if I were in a gym working with free weights. His method is to teach techniques that go beyond the confines of a gym and intended to be incorporated into daily activities.

4. Sam asked to make significant changes to my diet. Basically, cut down on grains, eat raw and cooked veggies and fruits, healthy fats, nuts and egg whites. The changes have had a profound impact.

5. The results speak for themselves. After 5 months of training, I can hike for several hours on moderate to steep inclines; last month, I hiked with a 30-40 lbs backpack on a steep incline for 10 hours in one day and I did fine. And for the readers interested solely in numbers, I’ve lost 16 lbs (10% body weight) since I started and am at less than 10% body fat (I started at 20%).

6. So far, I’ve talked about improvements on my end. But that’s just part of the story. I had recommended his blog to friends and relatives and it seems, that’s had a positive impact as well. For instance, two of my younger cousins, aunt and uncle have already made changes to their diet and fitness methods. Also, it has brought about changes in what my room mates eat everyday. One of them has cut down on rice significantly and has started eating more raw veggies. Now, only if I can convince her and the other room mate to start exercising.

There are several positive things that I could go on and on about Sam but this review has reached its limit. So, I’m gonna end by saying that I completely recommend Sam to anyone looking to prioritize their health, learn the fundamentals of fitness and the effective methods to make it work to attain your goals.
— Prakash R. | Robotics Engineer/Computer Vision
Although I’ve been active (hs sports, running, kickboxing, etc), I have been overweight most of my life...and in self denial. I figured, “Hey I am exercising so I must be healthy, right?” Wrong! What woke me up was my doctor informed me I was prediabetic. If I didn’t stop what I was doing, I was going to be diabetic. My grandmother passed away from complications of diabetes in her 50’s so she never met any of her grandchildren. I want be able to see and actively play with my own grandchildren.

Around the same time, my uncle started to suffer from Parkinson’s. While it’s a neurological disorder, his lifestyle didn’t help him nor does it help him now. Research has shown that diet and exercise can help slow the symptoms. My uncle is in a downward spiral as he continues to avoid exercise and to eat greasy fatty fried foods. He’s thin but he constantly complains about his inability to walk upright, painful muscle spasms, insomnia, and incontinence. If you don’t help yourself, no one can help you.

That was the last straw. I needed a personal trainer. I want to avoid any type of pill popping to stay alive. If I do not change, my life will be full of doctor visits, suffering, and constant worry. Who the hell wants that?

I saw Sam as a last resort to weight loss. Sam was not kidding when he says, “Wake up at 5 AM. Change lives at 6 AM.” Sam has changed my life.

Sam is not the type of trainer who will scream in your face and work you out until you collapse. He is the methodical Sherpa on your climb up the Mount Everest of refined and processed foods, bad habits, and improper form. Sam heavily focuses on proper form and moving along at a comfortable pace to avoid injury. When I experience back pain, Sam is cognizant of the pain and does his best not to aggravate it during our sessions. He has taught me exercises which eased the pain and went easier on me when my back was acting up.

However, Sam is NOT a softie. When my form is bad, he corrected me. I was flustered because I was in bad form and Sam was doing his best to correct it. When I texted him the food I knew wasn’t apart of the diet, I cringed because he is stern. No matter how much I want to reach through my phone and punch him in the face for telling me no corn, I can not argue with him because of his knowledge. His stern presence has kept me accountable. I started to see Sam at the beginning of April and I have lost 10 lbs in less than 2 months. I am very optimistic I will lose more.

Many people make the mistake of hiring a trainer at the globo gym or via groupon/social living. It is cheaper and maybe more convenient. What people don’t realize is the quality they are missing with a quality personal trainer like Sam. Not only is he knowledgeable and constantly sharing information with everyone, he is personally invested in you as a person...and not some paycheck. I know if i texted him that I ate cheese right now, he would instantly give me hell for eating it.

If you’re pussyfooting around about contacting Sam, don’t hem and haw. Hemming and hawing is for the weak. Just do it.
— Anita C.
The best thing about training with Sam is that it’s a positive, frustration-free experience. Sam puts a major emphasis on proper form and building a solid foundation. They’re both incredibly knowledgeable, and it’s great to feel like you can truly trust the advice that you’re being given. There’s no boot camp-style yelling or bullying— just encouragement, motivation, and tangible results that you can see and feel.

Sam is great about checking in on your progress as well as consistently sending out interesting articles and videos that back up everything he tells you during your sessions. Proper nutrition and stress management are emphasized just as much as exercise, which is key for longer-term success. You really get the sense that Sam is as invested in your progress as you are, and that kind of teamwork and coaching is what makes the difference.

As a former vegetarian and disgruntled cardio machine user who would cringe at the thought of anything more than a set of five-pound dumbbells, I can honestly say that my outlook on diet and fitness has done a complete 180-degree turn in a short amount of time, and I feel and look ten times better because of it (and there is still a LOT more progress to be made!). I initially thought that having a personal trainer was a major luxury, but more and more, I see it as a necessity for good health. Not to mention the awesome fact that two months ago I would’ve been embarrassed to be seen in a swimsuit, and now I’m actually excited for my upcoming beach vacation. My kettlebells will be joining me on the trip!

If you’re in Los Angeles and you’re willing to make the commitment, you really can’t do better than Sam. Seeing improvement as a result of hard work is a great feeling and I can honestly say that it’s something I experience with every session.
— Dana B. | Documentarian
I am getting married in less than two months, and I met Sam a month back while my mom tagged along interested in the free consultation. I explained that I want to lose all the chubby that I’ve done a wonderful job maintaining all my life. I was looking for a permanent change that improper exercise and diet, starvation, oriental detox, and questionable asian “vitamins” could not bring. And these methods only exacerbated my problem even more.

Little did I know.. after our consultation, Sam told me to my surprise that my mom who simply tagged along ... needed attention more than I do. Sam started rattling off mom’s bodily problems that she is likely to have while mom and I sat with eyes widening with each word Sam was uttering. He was right...she did have weak knees and in the last year she became dramatically prone to injury... He warned us that at this rate, she would eventually be in a wheelchair. That woke me up in two ways. I wasn’t about to let myself watch my mom being put in a wheel chair before I even have my first child, and second, I wasn’t about to become her in the future.

It has now been little over a month and my mom falls less, has little to no digestion problems, and has less menopausal symptoms (THANK THE HIGH HEAVENS)... As for me, I am noticing muscles I was never aware of, I now have absolutely no digestion problems after following Sam’s nutrition instructions, and have higher energy. Sam has my complete and absolute trust. Mom is astounded that a skeptic such as myself hangs on to Sam’s every word without question.

Sam is without a doubt, THE best personal trainer in the Los Angeles area. I can confidently say this after scouring all of LA for a personal trainer rather frantically after setting my wedding date. He is a personal trainer, nutritionist, and life coach all in one. I now know that, “healthy is not something you achieve easily,” (Sam). My goal is to become healthy. Looking good is only the byproduct.

This update is long over-due but here goes. It has been roughly 2 years since I’ve trained with Sam and only stopped because I’ve moved away from Los Angeles. I will admit that I’ve poked my head in on pilates classes and even considered the bar method just for sake of interest and hey, no shame.

But time and again, I find myself falling back on Sam’s techniques. Safety first. Build your strength from the feet up. Oh is that ever the truth, all the more when I broke my foot. The exercises that I could do that I learned from Sam were in line with what my physician recommended, so much so that my doctors were intrigued at how I already knew what to do.

Many reviewers mention that one of Sam’s strong suits is his heart for his clients. I can attest to this. Mom and I set up couple sessions, the aim being that we motivate each other, but one morning I managed to get her so upset that she bailed. Got out the car and started to walk home. I walk into the gym alone and Sam asks where mom is. I explain and he gets me started on the usual stretches, and manages to come back with mom. How he did this, I’ll never know. First, mom had managed to get pretty far away, albeit on foot, which leads me to believe that he ran down the street to find her. And second, what are these magic words that he said to get mom to comply? That is an accomplishment worth noting because with all the health issues mom was going through, she was an emotional roller coaster difficult for anyone to calm. In any case, if there was any doubt, when you sign up with Sam, you are definitely not just a number. He cares.
— Rebecca K.
If you’re looking for a trainer that’s going to kill you with a crazy workout 5 days a week, tell you to get a bunch of different supplements and protein, push you to go physically beyond your limits and lose 20lbs in your first month then Sam and A.O.E is NOT what you’re looking for.

Sam is the best personal trainer I’ve ever experienced and the most knowledgeable person I know about health that I’ve ever talked with. He works with you from the ground up to not just “get in to shape” but develop a true and livable, healthy lifestyle in your workouts, nutrition, and day to day activities.

At A.O.E. it’s ultimately about mindset. They look for clients that are genuinely interested in changing their lifestyle for the better, and will even turn away potential clients who don’t come in with an open mindset to fitness.

If you already think you know everything about fitness and aren’t willing to listen to new ideas (all of which Sam will back up with tons of articles) and make genuine changes in how you think and relate to fitness then A.O.E. isn’t for you.

But if you’re open to different approaches than you’ve tried in the past; if your seeking to genuinely make changes in your life to improve your health and happiness; and you want someone who won’t just tell you what you want to hear, then you should contact them immediately. This is the place for you.
— Cameron B.
When I was selected as an official representative for the Miss California USA pageant (My title was Miss Melrose 2012), I furiously looked around for THE best personal trainer so I could confidently wear a bikini for the millions of viewers that would be watching. I am so fortunate to have found Sam Y, as I achieved this goal, and so much more.

Knowledge. Inspiration. Unparalleled trainer of both the body and mind. And I’ve worked with several personal trainers, most of whom use a one size fits all approach. When I would inquire about kettlebells, tabatas, greasing the groove, or other exercise programs, most of the trainers I interviewed would either give me blank stares or mumble that they weren’t as familiar with these fitness concepts. Sam’s immense fitness and nutrition knowledge is so expansive that it feels like he can field any array of questions pertaining to these subjects to a degree that instills so much confidence in him as a trainer and the regiment he puts you on. He answers the WHY that gave me confidence in what I was doing.

In a mere 7 weeks of training with Sam, not only did I transform my body, but also my level of fitness in the areas of cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength and power. When I first started with Sam, I would feel slightly tired jogging up a flight of stairs. About a month into our training, I did a late night jog at Griffith Park with a former marathon runner, and barely felt tired during the uphill portion of the run. I was shocked to find out I had been jogging over a mile uphill to start out. Sam and I hadn’t even been doing any treadmill or running work at that point, but it was the eclectic power, strength, and muscular endurance exercises that helped me get from “feeble to fit” (one of Sam’s goals for clients).

I love Sam’s take on building strength through MOVING weight rather than LIFTING weight, which is much better for the body, and you see incredible results. When we first started training, I would complain that my body wasn’t “feeling” certain exercises as much as other exercises. I think we often are under the false pretense that an exercise is only effective if we are in severe physical discomfort. Not so. I built strength and endurance without feeling like I was about to pass out or my muscles were going to give out every second. Makes the sessions much more enjoyable as well.

I had never actually looked FORWARD to going to the gym or working out with a trainer prior to Sam. Nothing ever felt stale because we did a variety of workouts, ranging from kickboxing, to kettlebells, to weighted Indian bats, floor exercises, endurance drill competitions between clients, and much much more! He was very available via phone and email, proactively checking on my progress, both physically and mentally.

At the very least, do the personal assessment with Sam. His keen eye for detecting bad form and habits will provide you new information about your body and the way you use it. If certain habits aren’t corrected (if you aren’t aware of them, how can you begin to change them?), they could lead to very debilitating injuries in the near or distance future.
— Jona X. | Actor/Writer/Producer
I have been working out with Sam for nearly two years, and I can’t imagine ever needing another trainer. I was seeking a new trainer after a few years of being a gym rat, pointlessly lifting weights that built up the look I was going for - but after only one workout with Sam I realized how totally out of shape I was.

Now my look has changed, and while I may not have the biceps I once had - I am stronger, faster, more agile and balanced that it has ever been in my life. I feel like my body is ready for anything. And that is the point.

I have never met anyone more totally devoted to overall fitness than Sam is; he is obsessed with it. He has studied every form of exercise you have ever heard of, many that you haven’t, and is always uncovering new ones to study and add to his lexicon. He totally customizes exactly what your own, personal body needs, and no one gets the same treatment. He will surprise you constantly with new, interesting ideas and techniques, and like any good scientist he is constantly refining and adding to them.

If you want a big chest to carry around on those spindly legs of yours, Sam is not your guy. If you want someone to yell at you, count your reps, and tell you what an awesome job you are doing, Sam is not your guy. If you want to be in the best shape of your life - and I mean real fitness that happens over time, not Los Angeles body sculpting for shopping on Melrose - let him take you apart and put you back together. You’ve never experienced anything like it.
— Joshua L.
When I first met with Sam I was looking for someone to help me keep my body fit, however, now I realize that is only half the equation. You need to have a healthy mind as well, and he works hard to teach you that.

Why Sam stands out among all the other “gym” trainers I’ve met (and there have been many) is because he becomes actively invested in your growth. He doesn’t just throw you onto a machine and wait for you to do a certain amount of reps like a lot of trainers. He has shown me stretches and moves that I have never seen at any of the gyms I used to go to. Talk about making working out FUN and interesting again!! He constantly changes things up to keep your body improving, and he is there the whole time making sure you are positioned right so you don’t hurt yourself. He’s not going to just work you out for an hour and then forget about you until he sees you next.

I’m a performer so I have always been physically active and pretty conscious of my body’s capability, but Sam has taught me things I didn’t even know about myself and my potential. I never really thought of myself as an ‘athlete’ until now. He’s shown me that I can be as strong as I allow myself to be, and that there is an inner warrior just waiting to come out of all of us.

I recommend him to EVERYONE I meet in LA and wouldn’t waste my time with anyone else. Check out his blog as well- it’s awesome!!!
— Amy B. | Actor/Producer
Sam is a fantastic trainer. I worked with him for close to a year and I’ve never felt better about my health and how my body looked. I only stopped because I moved far away. Sam doesn’t fool around. The man cares about doing it right. So he ramps you up over time and by the end you are doing stuff that you didn’t know you were capable of. He is also just a great guy. I always looked forward to working with. Highly, highly recommend it! Sam’s the man.
— Jonathan L. | Ceo & Startup Founder
The popular saying goes that your body is a temple. After two years of working the 9 to 5, an undisciplined eating habits, and a dramatically reduced metabolism, my body became more like a fortress with the subcutaneous fat a thick padded wall that surrounds my frame. By no means was I ever obese. But I could no longer be classified with words such as “thin” or “fit”. However, I was adept at fooling many that I carried a thin yet curvaceous frame. Like a clever magician, I used the optical illusions of fashion to divert attention away from my excess pooch. Waisted belts, empire waist shirts..you name it.

Ah, but I couldn’t hide it from myself. I was bothered by the discomfort of a protruding stomach and extra cushion. I slouched more. I didn’t feel comfortable while sitting nor sleeping. And I was outraged that the cute clothes I owned didn’t look so cute on me anymore. My crafts at optical illusions couldn’t hide the obvious anymore. So I began slaving away at the gym daily and tried to cut down my eating. Sometimes it worked...temporarily. I was another victim to yo-yoing with my weight. Though I could build a temple, I didn’t have the foundations nor fortitude to maintain it.

I didn’t have the right knowledge nor the right tools to keep off my weight. I needed a professional with years of knowledge and experience to help guide me into building my body into the temple I desired it to be. So, I decided to meet with Sam. And I’m sure glad I did, because as much of a smart-ass I am and as much as I hate ass-kissing, he has earned my respect because he IS the best. Sam Y. knows his shit, and he’s a mother-effing guru when it comes to fitness. Sam was the perfect civil engineer / architect to help sculpt my fortress into a temple. Brick by brick, he guided me how to lay the foundation for a lifestyle that would both build and help me maintain the figure I want for myself. And he gave me some handy tools to effectively accomplish this. Instead of using a shovel, he gave me a bulldozer. Oorah!!

I have been working with Sam for 4 weeks. Right now, I’m still a work in progress, and I am still in process of reaching my target. But I must say, since I’ve began with Sam I’ve been losing the optimal weight that I should and building lots of lean muscle. My metabolism have definitely jump-started. In fact, honestly, physically speaking, I am very satisfied with where my body is at. Everyone has noticed a difference. However, now my focus is more on toning, being more lean, and healthy. NOW I want my temple to be spotless, damnit!!

Sam is also great to work with. He’s amicable and will do his best to answer any questions I have. And I have a tendency to ask many technical, scientific questions. To be frank, I am a guilty of being an unapologetic obnoxious pain in the ass to deal with. I’m a skeptic, and I take everything that challenges my conventional wisdom with a grain of salt. So I always question HIM and his methodology, “is this really working? Are you sure? What is the science behind this? Am I working hard enough to achieve my goals?” “Will I get too many muscles? I don’t want to gain too much muscles or look stocky.” And he doesn’t just answer my questions, but he shows me every week when I weigh in on his scale. As long as I follow his guidance, I will meet results.

Sam Y.. the ultimate architect / civil engineer of the body. He will help you to sculpt your body good.
— Nancy Y.
Every religion begins with a cult and every cult begins with a dream. And every dream begins with a dreamer.

Normally this is a fearsome thing for these dreamers dream of selfish desires. Dreams of hope. Dreams of salvation. Dreams of heaven. Sadly the end result, more often than not, is a sordid awakening for everyone involved.

Sam Yang is not one of these charlatans. No, his dream is not even a dream at all. It’s not even a wish. It is just common sense, a few instructions, and encouraging compassion, with the end goal being not only a fitter you, but a more courageous you.

I believe in Sam Yang. In time, so will the world. Join us now. It will transform your soul. And make you sexy!
— Steven P. | Librarian
I’m happier, more independent, and confident now more than ever. I think releasing all the negative energy and people around me has helped me become a better person. Weight loss was just a perk. And you know, I’ve been wanting to thank you for helping me out a lot. The time I spent training with you has helped me take the higher road in life... Honestly, you’re a life changer.
— Edlyn L.
I’ve only been studying with Sam for almost 2 months but I feel like I’m much stronger and more confident than ever before! Sam has taught me not only valuable life lessons, but skills that will be with me even when I’m old. He is a great trainer and coach and I’d highly recommend him! His methods of teaching are like no other and he personalizes each routine just to fit your needs. He’s great!!!
— Abby K. | Classical Violinist
Sam is not only a great trainer, but also a great human being to work with! Though I was a professional dancer and used to be very active up until a few years ago, after starting grad school in architecture, my lifestyle, alignment, and habits all took a dive... Long story short, I ended up with a back injury which got worse and led to me having to have spine surgery. The injury obviously had prevented me from exercising, and I ended up gaining a lot of weight. Post surgery, I really needed a trainer who was well versed in all aspects of fitness, not just rehab, not just weight loss. I needed someone that was knowledgeable enough to help me achieve major weight loss while also knowing how to help me do it in a safe and injury-free way (which is rarer than one may think in the world of personal trainers, they’re usually one extreme or the other). Sam was the guy.... though I couldn’t continue training because I’m not yet fully healed from surgery the way I need to be in order to train (this is not due to my workouts with Sam, this is due to me returning to my grueling school schedule two weeks post-op), for the time that I did train with him, he was amazingly understanding of my condition, yet he also pushed me enough to take me out of my comfort zone and keep me motivated!! That’s exactly what you need with a trainer, someone that pushes you to your max potential, but is also sensitive and understands what you’re going through so that you feel safe and comfortable with the person training you.

When I had to stop training due to medical reasons, Sam was also amazingly understanding about this and would still periodically check on me to see how I’m doing, even when it didn’t mean dollars in his pocket. He is a really trustworthy and sensitive person, and also one that knows what he’s doing and that will push you to get you your results and to live a healthier life!
— Binita B.
I’m a long time fan of the UFC/MMA and first contacted Sam about training MMA, and have been training with him twice a week for the past seven months.

Let me rewind a little...

I was in an accident in high-school that required eight operations and left me with limited use of my left ankle and foot. I also have a hard time walking or doing any type of exercise without the support of shoes. I visited a few different MMA academies with the intention of joining, with one stipulation... I needed to wear shoes. But all I got was “no’s” across the board.

Enter Sam, who told me shoes were no prob, and ever since our first session he’s always been aware of my limitations and has taught me ways to even use the disadvantage TO my advantage.

His training has been a methodical approach of physical technique, concepts, strategies and mental strength. Each week he finds new ways to challenge me and develop my training.

But we’re not done yet...

When I first began seeing Sam I was a pescatarian. My diet consisted of lot’s of fish and other non-meat options such as rice & pasta dishes, grains, juices, starchy foods, salads and lots of boxed stuff... like cereal, pre-made Trader Joes meals, sweets, ect.

I tipped the scales at a little over 170-lbs, and at 6ft I was within my weight limit. I also worked out a lot. Mostly cycling and weights. But despite my “healthy no-meat” diet and 4-5 day a week work out regimen... I still felt soft and had a little belly and love handles.

Sam introduced me to the Paleo diet and swore by it, even giving me recipes. I was of course skeptical at first, as it is a (organic) meat heavy diet. I’d also always considered myself a healthy eater and didn’t think that cutting out carbs, sugars and grains would work.

But four months into it I am now walking around at a lean 160. And I didn’t just lose the excess fat, I also gained muscle. My belly and love handles have all but disappeared and I even kind of see abs!

I highly recommend Sam for personal training for whatever it is you want... because he’ll make sure you get it.

On top of that...

After 9 months of training with Sam and following his dietary instructions...

I am 7% body fat.

Need I say more?
— Ben K. | Musician & Composer
I passed on the dozens of trainers and gyms in the area and opted to see Sam Y because of his style in teaching, coaching, training and inspiring you. Without being loud and in your face, he motivates you... I’ve been interested in personal training for a while but didn’t find the right fit until Sam. I look better. I feel better. I’m inspired and I want to continue learning more. Sam’s method is unique. He feeds the mind as he is transitioning your body. The combination yields results and more importantly longevity. He’s a good person and I owe my success to him.
— Michiko T.
It’s one thing to personally be in shape and another to be a good coach/trainer/teacher. Sam Y. at All Out Effort is one rare individual who embodies the incredible qualities of being a truly great teacher. His attitude, though laid back, comes with a stern set of expectations. Sam makes you take charge of your own health and fitness while standing by your side and empowering you with the knowledge to confidently own your personal mental and physical fitness. Training with him is truly invaluable.
— Cindy T. | Personal Trainer
You wanna get in shape?
You wanna lose weight?
You don’t wanna deal with muscle heads?

Then you wanna work out with Sam.

He uses different techniques and exercises to get you in tip top shape. Just like anything you gotta put in the time, but if you do and listen to what he says, I think you’ll come out happy at the end.

You’ll be stronger, more confident and more fit.

He’ll listen to your goals, and what you may want to achieve and then go from there. He’ll set up a exercise plan to fit into what you are trying to achieve. Most of all you’ll enjoy it.
— Jason H.
Sam isn’t just a trainer, he’s a coach. Losing weight isn’t just simply lifting weights, running on a treadmill or any other exercise you can’t think of. First and foremost being healthy is a new way of thinking. Your habits and concepts of health must change before your body does. And that’s what Sam specializes in. He coaches you on the right path to thinking and behaving healthy while showing you exercises that are effective and efficient. Personal training is a really a science and Sam is the ultimate professor!
— Matt S.
Sam is legit. I’ve worked out with many trainers in my life (coming from a professional, competitive surfing background), and his workouts create strength without the bulk. He doesn’t burn you out. He doesn’t over train you. He gives you useful tips, but doesn’t make you cut out all the fun in life. Best of all, you see, feel, and live the results.
— Esther H. | Pro Surfer
I’ve been training with Sam for over a year and his approach is backed with science and knowledge. I’ve had a few trainers over the years and Sam is far and away the best.
— Aaron L. | CEO
To call Sam awesome is an understatement.

I know that he is an amazing personal trainer, but I am not exactly sure why. He certainly has the training and the skills to get you into the shape you want to be—that’s a given. But there’s something else to him that I think is rare: the ability to make you a better person.

Before I even called Sam, I read all the reviews on Yelp and his blog- twice. I even pushed myself a little harder (not hard enough or smart enough because I’m sore somewhere new after every session), before I worked out with Sam.

I did more cardio and with more resistance. I like cardio, because I found it easy. But I’ve always been afraid of the dreaded—yes, you may know what I’m talking about—the stair master!

The first day, the FIRST day! training with Sam, he told me to get on the stair master. I pleaded... “But, um, can’t we do the elliptical? Or oh...how about the treadmill?...” And Sam responded, by simply saying “No.”

I’ve never told Sam this but that was the first time I’ve ever been on an actual stair master. Sure, I’ve been on those hydraulic types but that’s not the stair master. Those five minutes felt like the hardest five minutes of my life. That is of course, until I cooled down.

”That was only cardio,” Sam said. And the other 45 minutes of training made me realize that the stair master isn’t that bad after all.

Train with Sam. He won’t disappoint you. But please, please, don’t take my morning slots with him!
— Betty D. | Attorney
Sam is an excellent personal trainer. I’ve been working out with him since February. I can truly say that training with Sam definitely changed my lifestyle. Now I’m addicted to exercise! Most importantly, I feel stronger, healthier, and more energized than ever.

Sam always has a workout plan specifically designed for me. During training sessions he watches every movement carefully and make sure I’m doing each exercise correctly with good form. He also constantly mixes up workout routines, so I never get bored.

He is extremely knowledgeable about all things fitness related and a great motivator. He encourages me to push myself beyond what I would normally do on my own- that’s what I really need.

I’m very lucky to have him as a personal trainer. I would definitely recommend Sam for anyone looking for a personal trainer. Sam knows the most efficient and effective way to get you the best results.
— Yoon M. | Doctor
I am an actor who has been doing martial arts for a long time and various roles in action movies. I have always thought I was in pretty good shape and understood my body well. However I found myself getting injured a lot which kept setting me back from my goals I was trying to attain in over all physical well being. Then I met Sam. Immediately, this guy began changing my whole perspective. He not only showed me how I had been stretching wrong all these years which was causing me great injury, but also has helped me lose weight that I have always had a hard time losing with his extensive knowledge in health, nutrition and exercise. Furthermore, I have seen shocking results in regard to improvements in my speed, strength, balance, agility, endurance, explosiveness and all around athleticism. Patient, understanding and intelligent, I would say he is truly an expert in communicating what your physical limits are, while at the same time guiding you past them. I couldn’t recommend him higher.
— Eric C. | Actor/Writer
Sam has been working with me as my personal trainer for about a year and I have gotten great results specific to what my goals were. My goals were to build conditioning, lose weight, and gain strength. Sam’s training allowed me to achieve every one of those goals. The thing that I like most about Allouteffort is that Sam understood exactly how my body works. He didn’t have me do the same exercises as he did for his other clients with totally different body types. It was really awesome how he explained why something was going to work for me and not for someone else. Sam not only helped me in my training but also motivated me to change my lifestyle. Last words: TAKE THE COMPLIMENTARY SESSION! Sam can show you results better than I can tell you about them.‎

On the martial arts side...

BJJ does not come easy to me and Sam broke it down so even I could understand it. I train with him about 4-5 days a week and every day he shows me something new.

His style of training got me in better shape along the way. From how to control my breathing to how to control my opponent, Sam’s ideas on how to train helped me get in “competition shape.”

If you want to improve your cardio, gain strength, or drop some pounds then give Sam a call. If you are a Jiu-Jitsu player then take a private with him. It is well worth it.
— Charles S. | Actor/Comedian & Martial Artist
Sam has helped me a lot with my martial arts and my physical conditioning.

He helped me improve my grappling by showing me specific techniques and explaining fundamental concepts. I wish I knew these things years ago. He is very in-depth and technical when it comes to instruction.

The technical insight is carried over to his strength and conditioning training as well. Through training with Sam, I made significant gains in my strength and endurance as related to martial arts. He showed and explained to me many sport specific exercises that I will use for a long time to come.

I recommend Sam’s training for anyone who is serious about improving their performance or physique.
— Tony K. | MMA Fighter
If you want someone to baby and pamper you, Sam is not the trainer for you. If you need affirmation and a cheerleader to get you through your workout, again, Sam is not for you.
That said, Sam is not one to yell, scream or make you question why you are paying someone to insult you (I’ve experienced this method and it’s ineffective, at least for me). He works you harder than you think you can handle. He wants more for you than you want for yourself. His approach is very zen like and philosophical. You will notice a change in your body and attitude almost immediately. Perhaps one of the most unique things about Sam is that unlike many trainers in LA, he’s not an aspiring actor or model (not that there is anything wrong with that) and he doesn’t spend your workout looking at himself in the mirror. He’s actually looking at you and watching your body change. His pride comes in the form of your results, and not movie credits. WOW. Imagine that in LA.
I couldn’t recommend Sam more.
Check him out.

A few other things you should know.

The count! Ugg.
Sam like to drop pearls of wisdom and while doing so, he looses track of the count. ALWAYS making you do more than you’re supposed to. He claims it’s just a number (tell that to my aching body). I guess there are worse things a trainer can do. :)

He won’t negotiate. EVER.
There are many times where I have tried to lessen weight, do fewer reps, do this instead of that...
Sam will nod his head and act as if you hadn’t said a thing.

He reads lips.
Let me explain. Sam likes a profanity free environment. From time to time my lips will say something that no one in the room can hear. Sam however reads lips and will call you out.
— Antoi H. | Entrepreneur
Not too long ago, I wrote an online review professing my onetime obsession with Popeye’s. Shortly after, I received an incredulous message from Sam saying, “Why are you eating this??!” That’s Sam for you - there to read your reviews about the food you eat and tell you when your choices are whack.

On the serious tip, Sam’s a great trainer. He is like the Plato of physical fitness. He comes up with these gems of wisdom that are so inspiring that you almost forget he’s making you do 80 million yards of walking lunges...almost. Here is one of his nuggets of inspirational wisdom and I’m paraphrasing, “These days we spend 8 hours a day sitting at a desk, another 8 sleeping and barely get any exercise. If you only work out 5 hours a week, you body has a lot of downtime to overcome....hey, I didn’t say stop doing pushups!”

Sam is not the kind of personal trainer that barks at you ‘til you want to bitch slap him. Who wants to pay money to have somebody yell at you and make you feel badly about yourself? Many of us can just go visit our families for that. He provides encouragement, guidance and he’s supportive. He’s friendly, he’s fun and when you ask him when he’ll stop torturing you, he’ll just smile and say, “This is nothing!” He’ll urge you to finish that 100th sit up, but if you can’t he won’t berate you into an eating disorder. He’ll just give you a look that makes you want to work harder, but if you feel like you’re going to fall over and die, he understands that you need a break.

Sam is a big proponent of interval training because it helps burn more fat. He understands that living in L.A. the fat has to get to steppin’ and so do you. Sam’s workout also helps prevent cockiness. You might strut in thinking, “I got this! I work out 5 days a week. Pleeeeaaase, this won’t be nothin’”. Midway through your 11th sprint, as you’re huffing and puffing, sweat soaking through your clothing and burning your eyes, you’re thinking, “What the %**(^%# have I been doing at the gym!? I’m so out of shape!” And you cry inside as one of the 5 year olds at the park mocks you.

You’re great, Sam, thanks!
— Keisha F.
Only a handful of people know Sam’s nickname of Professor. It’s fitting too because he’s technical, precise, and damn near scientific when it comes to his approach to Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and the grappling arts.

If you’re starting out in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and want a great private, seek out this fella. Also, he’s a great coach to have in your corner if you’re competing. Unlike the other guys who yell meaningless tips like “Come ON!” or “You can do it!” He’ll give you precise instructions and how to execute them to either get you out of a bad position or to advance into a superior position.
— Dae M. | Martial Artist
He is the best trainer ever!
— Angela O.
I’ve been MIA for a long time, but I had to write a review for Sam’s personal training.

I’ve been getting trained by Sam for Brazilian jiu-jitsu (martial art), And i can honestly say that he has really improved my game. After a couple minutes of sparring with him, getting choked out by him, and tapping out, he sat back and began to tell me the list of things i was doing wrong and where i was lacking. Many people know the concepts of breathing, balance, timing, strength, technique, but Sam UNDERSTANDS these concepts. He doesn’t just say “do this” or “do that” but he makes sure that I also understand why I’m doing this/that.

Sam has been doing Brazilian jiu-jitsu for years and his game is SOLID. When I see other people, including higher belts, constantly asking him questions, I know I’m in good hands. Thanks sensei!

If you’re training Brazilian jiu-jitsu and want to significantly improve your game, holla at Sam.
— Brian W. | Nurse & Martial Artist
I did one-on-one training and boxing lessons with Sam. It was by far the best experience I’ve ever had working out. He’s a great person - not just a trainer but easily someone you come to really like and admire.

So, for those of you with the desire to get fit and the means (he’s actually not that expensive, relatively speaking), I highly, highly recommend him.
— Andrea L. | Attorney/Social Activist
I lost 18 lbs. when I worked with you and, at 10 months out from our last training session, I’ve been able to maintain that weight loss. I always worked out and made healthy food choices, but you helped me make permanent improvements in my diet and fitness. Your method of making one small change every week helped me establish new habits, instead of just getting quick-fix results that wouldn’t last.
— Sarah W.
By far the best personal trainer I’ve ever had and believe me I’ve had a lot. This man is genius. Thanks to Sam I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in. He’s great!!!
— Sharon W.
Sam is real good at making me come back to earth just when I thought I was in shape. He’s also a bag of quotes. Dude, where do you get them from?

”Sam I am, Ima make you work as hard as you can!”

Indeed Sam’s workout kicked my arse. I expected to do similar workouts each time but NO! Sam has mastered the art of surprise and has designed a workout session that will never let your body plateau. Have you ever heard of the Alligator crawl, Bear crawl or Millipede walk? Sounds like Sam might have an animal fetish but try these exercise routines yourself and you will discover you can’t duplicate these workouts from running or from the monotony of pumping iron.

Look for Sam if you want a personal trainer who is passionate and dedicated to help you build physical strength and mental toughness. You will not be disappointed. And if you are, Sam will find something up his sleeve to work you even harder. Thanks Sam.
— Brandon H.
He’s the kind of coach that Hollywood loves to recreate time and time again: He’ll work you like a dog but pushes you to achieve your potential with a few wise words during intense training montages.

His knowledge in the field continually gets better and shows no sign of deteriorating.
— Paul R.
Sam makes a workout fun and it doesn’t feel like a workout! His kickboxing techniques will get you into shape and sweating within 15 minutes! He’s patient and works to help you help yourself reach your ultimate weight goal. Fun trainer. Highly recommend him! Don’t forget to stretch WELL after his workouts!
— Nicole C.
Sam’s training is as good as it gets. If you want to be in awesome shape, this is the trainer for you. Sam knows how to push you to your limits, and switches up the program regularly to keep your body from adapting to the routine. I’ve had numerous trainers in the past and none of them were as knowledgeable and insightful as Sam.
— Young H. | Talent Agent
Sam is a healer! I had hurt my ankle and thought I wouldn’t be able to work out but after doing some rehabilitation with Sam I was able to work out hard and do a duathlon the next day.
— Adrian T.
What can I say that other people haven’t ... let me think. OK I got it.
What Sam’s good for ...

- Pushing you to your limit, but making sure you’re not over-doing yourself

- Motivation? Nah. He won’t force you to go, he only wants people who want to be there

- Turning his back to you so you can take a mini-break

- Making you think to yourself “this guy’s a punk” but then he tells a joke to make you laugh, he’s actually a funny guy and makes working out fun

- Overall good trainer: cardio, strength, endurance, stamina, running, sprinting, stretching, sit-ups, punching and kicking.

If you’re looking for someone to take you to the next level in your overall fitness goals, Sam’s your guy.
You’ll feel good after your hour session, they’re fun.
Get it out of the way early and you’ll feel good the rest of the day.
— Bong E.
Training with All Out has definitely helped me get back into working out. Previously I had only been going off of P90X, which was great but didn’t provide the specific results and technique I needed. From fine tuning my yoga poses to getting me acquainted with the basics of kettle bells, I couldn’t ask for much more...except for being able to get out of bed the next morning!
— Daryl N.
I’ve been working out religiously for the past month and I have not felt as sore as I did than after Sam’s class. Walking around at the curry festival the next day was nearly impossible due to the pain I felt in my inner thighs.

I really agree with Sam’s philosophy of spending less time working, and working better and more efficiently.
— Hannah T.